GK Helpline

  1. 7:30PM
  2. Last date for submitting examination forms for Barkatullah Univ
  1. 7:28PM
  2. Kashmir phone gag: Contact Mr Mantoo for help in Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal
  1. 6:33PM
  2. Man in Kerala craves to know well-being of sick mother in Kashmir
  1. 5:48PM
  2. Kashmiris in Hungary worried about their families
  1. 5:46PM
  2. Kashmiris can contact families through Helpline Kashmir 24x7 Facebook Page
  1. 3:21PM
  2. Unable to contact families, Kashmiri students run out of money
  1. 3:20PM
  2. Zaid worried about friend in Kashmir
  1. 3:18PM
  2. Phone gag: Zubeda worried about husband, in-laws in Kashmir
  1. 3:16PM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiri student Almas drops a heartbreaking message for mother
  1. 1:20PM
  2. Pakistani unable to contact with friend in Kashmir
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Mili Ghosh from West Bengal worried about friend in Kashmir
  1. 1:16PM
  2. Phone Gag: Kashmiri in Delhi disconnected from loved ones
  1. 1:14PM
  2. Nishu from Delhi worried about her Kashmiri friend
  1. 12:07PM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiris outside running out of money, worried about families
  1. 9:39AM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiri students in NIMS Rajasthan need financial help
  1. 8:23PM
  2. No news of families in Kashmir: Kashmiri students in Punjab
  1. 8:20PM
  2. Bengali friend knows no whereabouts of Kashmiri friend
  1. 5:47PM
  2. Kashmiri students unable to contact parents, running out of money
  1. 5:27PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun running out of money
  1. 5:23PM
  2. Kashmiri student down with typhoid wants to speak with family
  1. 5:19PM
  2. Man in Dubai wants to know about mother in Kashmir
  1. 5:00PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Chandigarh running out of money
  1. 4:46PM
  2. Restore mobile connectivity in Kashmir
  1. 4:28PM
  2. Bangalore girl has no news about her Kashmiri friend
  1. 12:51PM
  2. Restore mobile phone services for ‘Insaniyat’ sake: Barkatulla Univ students
  1. 5:36PM
  2. Restore mobile services in Kashmir, outside Kashmiris appeal govt
  1. 5:22PM
  2. Kashmiris in Mohali have no contact with families in Kashmir
  1. 5:19PM
  2. Students from Dehradun want to talk to their families in Kashmir
  1. 4:57PM
  2. Outside students worried about their families in Kashmir
  1. 1:20PM
  2. At least restore incoming call facility, appeal Kashmiri students in Mohali, Chandigarh
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Kashmiris studying/working outside appeal for restoration of phone services
  1. 11:29PM
  2. Asghar Hussain from Karachi wants to contact friend in Sopore
  1. 1:09PM
  2. Despite gag, BSNL postpaid customers charged for mobile Internet
  1. 1:35PM
  2. Download admit cards, air tickets at Madina Airways free of cost
  1. 6:06PM
  2. Kashmiris in Gujarat call Inamul Haq for help
  1. 2:32PM
  2. Aspirants appeal: Postpone NET, shift test centre to Delhi
  1. 2:31PM
  2. KAS aspirants appeal for postponement of written test
  1. 12:42PM
  2. Contact Kashmirhelpline24X7 for help
  1. 9:43PM
  2. Attention: Kashmiri students at RDVV Jabalpur don't need financial help
  1. 6:11PM
  2. Basit in Patiala doesn’t know if his mother in Sopore has Aromasin medicine
  1. 6:07PM
  2. Communication gag: News of granny's death reaches Kashmiri man in Bengaluru after 15 hours
  1. 6:05PM
  2. Communication gag: Ashfaq of Chirakoot Lolab wants to talk to his family
  1. 6:04PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun running out of money
  1. 10:50AM
  2. Communication gag: Mastan to visit wife in Bandipora after August 25
  1. 5:48PM
  2. Appeal to IUST authorities to extend dates for fee deposition
  1. 5:46PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Chandigarh running out of money, need help
  1. 12:23PM
  2. People appeal government to restore mobile, Internet services in Kashmir
  1. 10:28AM
  2. Worried Kashmiris appeal for an end to communication gag
  1. 10:19AM
  2. Communication gag: In Tokyo, Kamran worried if his mother in Kashmir had her insulin dose
  1. 4:41PM
  2. 'At least restore incoming call facilities in Kashmir'
  1. 3:57PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun worried about families back home, appeal for an end to phone gag
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Appeals from outside India to end communication gag in Kashmir
  1. 11:47AM
  2. An Emergency: Haemophilic patient needs Factor IX injections
  1. 8:45PM
  2. Aspirants appeal JK Bank to postpone RE exams
  1. 7:10PM
  2. Kashmiri students at Rewa University need help
  1. 3:34PM
  2. MD/MS PG scholars appeal KU to announce their results
  1. 3:27PM
  2. Sister in Saudi worried about her brother in Natipora
  1. 3:06PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank to defer interviews
  1. 3:05PM
  2. MBBS Ist, 2nd year students' parents appeal SKIMS to postpone August 17 exams
  1. 3:50PM
  2. RE aspirants from south Kashmir appeal JK Bank authorities
  1. 3:22PM
  2. Call Kashmiri volunteers in Delhi for help
  1. 12:42PM
  2. KU scholars demand extension in last date for submitting MANF applications
  1. 7:03PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank for transport, curfew passes
  1. 2:14PM
  2. Kashmiris in Bangaluru, contact Hem Raj for help
  1. 11:22AM
  2. Kashmiri student Umar Mushtaq gets help from good Samaritan in Bengaluru
  1. 9:59AM
  2. Attention Kashmirhelpline 24x7: Mr Jain from Bengaluru wants to help
  1. 4:06PM
  2. Kashmirhelpline 24x7 appeals people to help needy
  1. 4:05PM
  2. Kashmiri student in Bangalore appeals for fixing issues with minority scholarship scheme
  1. 2:05PM
  2. Helpline for Kashmiri students studying outside
  1. 4:04PM
  2. Model Town Sopore inhabitants appeal Idea cellular Company to restore defunct tower
  1. 12:22AM
  2. Restore pre-paid mobile service
  1. 4:21PM
  2. Restore Internet services in Kashmir, People appeal govt
  1. 12:28PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank authorities to reschedule interviews
KASHMIR UPRISING: AMU P-G Aamir Latoo was passionate about Kashmir

KASHMIR UPRISING: AMU P-G Aamir Latoo was passionate about Kashmir

Passionate about Kashmir and born to a modest family of this South Kashmir town in 1993, Aamir Nazir Latoo, a post-graduate student from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) would have turned 23 on this day- but two months into his birthday his life was cut short.

13 horses run over by forces' vehicle in Frisal

13 horses run over by forces' vehicle in Frisal

At least 13 horses were killed and three others injured after forces' vehicle ran over them in Frisal area of Kulgam district.

Govt employees implicated in false cases: EJAC

Govt employees implicated in false cases: EJAC

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) on Sunday alleged that “government employees are being pressurized, involved in false cases and put behind the bars.

OIC HR Commission to submit report on rights situation in Kashmir

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Minsters called for resolution of the decades old Kashmir issue as per resolution of UN Security Council.

Ongoing movement in Kashmir is Intifada: Aasiya Andrabi

Chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Sunday hit out at Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for terming the ongoing movement “as outcome of tussle between pro-India political parties” saying this reflects her “frustration.

Hitchhiking the only way out for many travellers in Kashmir

Desperate people waiting for a lift or walking on foot has become a common sight in the trouble-torn Kashmir Valley where public transport has remained suspended for the past 80 days.

Stokes launches scathing attack on Samuels in new book

Stokes launches scathing attack on Samuels in new book

England all-rounder Ben Stokes has launched a scathing attack on the West Indies middle-order batsman Marlon Samuels in the newest twist of a lingering feud between the two cricketers.

A cross-continent raid that curbed hijackings - the full story

A cross-continent raid that curbed hijackings - the full story

Title: Operation Thunderbolt - the Most Audacious Hostage Rescue Mission in History; Author: Saul David; Publisher: Hodder Books/Hachette India; Pages: 464; Price: Rs 499

People calling India land of rapes embarrassing: Bachchan

People calling India land of rapes embarrassing: Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he feels embarrassed when he goes abroad and people there call India, the land of rapes.

Pakistani airline stops passengers from carrying Samsung smartphone

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has stopped passengers from carrying the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7, following reports of the smartphone's batteries exploding, officials said on Sunday.

Apple unveils stunning iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2

Ending round-the-clock rumours that had sent the world of technology into a tizzy for quite some time now, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday unveiled stunning iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along with next-generation 'Apple Watch Series 2' at the jam-packed Bill Graham Civic Auditorium here.

Apple iPhone 6s world's top selling smartphone: Report

Apple's iPhone 6s was the world's top-selling smartphone model in the second quarter of 2016, a report said on Wednesday, adding that the US giant currently accounts for two of the three top-selling smartphone models shipped worldwide.


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