It's all about curiosity

You can do it, provided you have a thirst for knowing


 It needs research to create a piece of art. An inquisitive mind is always research oriented. When we go across the lines of that hypothesis fed to us by the conventional ways of teaching, we invariably land into creating a new page to the old dictum. These new things, new innovations and modifications make our tomorrow exciting, scintillating and worth living. I being a medico and a surgeon would like to mention about the scientific research in the subject. The field has changed dramatically. There are two ways to go around a research. One is to carry out curiosity and hypothesis driven research that flies on the imagination of the brilliant scientist.. The next is to carry out a disease or drug oriented research. It is the curiosity driven research in the last century that brought tremendous developments in bio medicine, drugs and devices. I strongly believe this is the way to go. We direly need to shift from translational research to original research. If we do not; the day is not far when the springs of knowledge will dry up and their will be nothing left to translate. The government should appreciate the research efforts and I feel special funds need to be granted to the researcher to present his research to national or international forum. We too had our own innovations and modifications in a technique called cholecystectomy (published in the international journal of surgery- 2009-THE CHALKOO INNOVATION) developed at Government Medical College Srinagar. This innovation was invited for presentation at the world Congress of surgeons at Turkey, Italy and China. Unfortunately due to financial constraints, this hard earned innovation could not be shared with the world gathering. Perhaps the public and our political leaders think that things are going too slow in this regard but that is the dangerous perspective.
          One needs to choose a good mentor who asks original questions. Be patient. Do not give up. Word hard and persevere. Be passionate and excited about what you are doing. Think of your scientific profession as if it were your hobby. Luck is important, but remember; very often luck is not blind. It hits those who are ready. One of the beauties of science is that you never know when the next big break through will happen. You need to approach it systematically. Remember lie rests on lie and science builds on science. Every result pertains to the next question and every question suggests the new experiment. One needs to know that life itself is a research, an inevitable phenomenon that exists all over the world. Do not wait for any special effort to look for inspiration. Keep your mind usually wandering around. You may read one thing and yet you may think about a relative subject. You need to keep your ideas always bubbling under the surface and inspiration can strike you from any source. The first aim of scientific research should be to increase knowledge and then this knowledge should be available to mankind for progress as well as to help to lessen the disease and sufferings. Knowledge can be misused. You need not to take an oath, if you are sincere in your project. It will protect you against fraud and plagiarism. People who commit scientific frauds are simply crazy. How can they think, they cannot be discovered. Other people will try to repeat the experiment and the fraud will be unrivalled. It is simply inescapable!!!let us be creative and keep the research on.

(Dr.Mushtaq Chalkoo is consultant laparoscopic and minimal access surgeon, GMC, Srinagar. Feedback at

Lastupdate on : Tue, 22 Nov 2011 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Tue, 22 Nov 2011 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:00:00 IST

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