A word with Geelani Sahib

I believe that you have the right credentials, the right intentions, but the wrong leadership qualities



Respected Geelani sahib,
It is with all the possible humility at my command, that I took this decision to write a letter to you. What prompted me to write this letter, was a statement issued by you pertaining to the visit of the APHC (M) to Pakistan. As usual you cast aspersions on that visit.
For the last twenty years the Kashmiri people have rendered sacrifices and you have been a leading figure in that movement. I am no great fan of yours but you have always been in the limelight. Some people hold you in great reverence while some oppose you with vehemence. For someone like you who often issues diktats and is identified with moralistic politics, it is time to do a reality check on you. Are you really what you purport to be? Is your monopoly on moralistic politics justified?
Mr Geelani, there is no doubt in my mind that you believe in separatism from the core of your heart. You are one of the few leaders in Kashmir who could not be bought by the Indian state, though Pakistani largess is acceptable to you. Merger of Kashmir with Pakistan is the core of your philosophy. I also believe that you are more Pakistani than you are a Kashmiri and unfortunately you are more Pakistani than an average Pakistani. So I have no doubts about your anti India credentials. But are credentials of a person enough to be a leader or are leadership qualities more important to qualify to be a leader. I believe that you have the right credentials, the right intentions, but the wrong leadership qualities.
Let us take the APHC (M) visit to Pakistan. You have also been invited, but most likely you are not going. I respect your decision of not going. That is your democratic right. But does it fall within the ambit of your democratic right to cast aspersions on fellow comrades or fellow Kashmiris who have used their democratic right and decided to go ahead and visit Pakistan. Is it absolutely essential for you to ensure that your fellow Kashmir go there on a weak wicket, with the hosts also knowing that the great Geelani has already cast aspersions. Could could you not have waited for them to come back and then rendered your valuable advice on the visit. The least Kashmiris deserve is a respectable visit to a foreign land called Pakistan, without the baggage of a volley of hostile statements issued in Kashmir. The point is that how do these statements help the Kashmiris. What earth shattering confabulations are going to take place in Pakistan that could be inimical to the Kashmiri cause. If anything- after all the mess created by separatist leaders especially you, by giving repeated boycott calls which are responded with ninety percent polling figures, a photo opportunity, a visit to Pakistan would have been a psychological booster for the sentiment. But Mr. Geelani you wont allow that because you are in love with solo photo opportunities. The Pakistan visit would be fruitful; if only you were invited and all others were excluded. The purpose of the visit does not alarm you. The invitation to others alarms you, saddens you. And that Mr. Geelani is the core of your politics. It is defined by me, me and me. Your obsession with being the sole leader of Kashmiris has been the guiding force of all your antics. And this tendency of yours has wreaked havoc on the Kashmiri people.
You always talk of principled politics. Please tell me- what principled politics is this. You broke the Hurriyat because you believe that one constituent was responsible for fielding proxy candidates in 2002. But at the same time you refuse to accept that the Jamaat has an open unholy alliance with the PDP. That the Jamaat cadres openly voted for the PDP in 2002 and 2008 is an open secret and yet you want to deny it. Now let us do some statistics. How many statements have you issued against the moderate Hurriyat and others in the separatist camp in the last one decade. Compare that with the number of statements that you have issued against the PDP and the NC. Statistically the maximum number of statements you have issued is against your fellow comrades in the separatist camp. NC comes second and very very few statements against the PDP. So in Mufti- the ex Home Minister of India you find an ally but those who have spent years in jails and rendered sacrifices you find an enemy. And you also have cultivated a group of arm chair columnists who write column after column against the moderate separatists but never utter a word against the NC or the PDP or the Congress. The enemy is the mainstream. They have occupied all the separatist space and here you are- issuing a diktat after diktat against the moderate separatists. Name one person in the separatist camp with whom you did not have a problem. The late Abdul Gani Lone, Professor Abdul Gani Bhat, Mirwaiz, Bilal Lone, Shabir Shah, Yasin Malik - you had problems with all of them at some stage. Are they all wrong and are you the only one who is always right. We were taught in school - to err is human and to forgive is divine. Since you do not make any mistakes and are always right, please do reveal to us your divinity.
And may I as a simple citizen ask you. What have you delivered so far. We the Kashmiris invested lives into your leadership. What have you given so far. I will tell you what your deliverance is so far. You have given us PDP, NC and now the Congress. If you really are a leader. Stop their march. Attacking fellow comrades and diverting attention from your failures is the worst sort of cowardice.
I have just a word of simple advice for you. There was a time when the sentiment was in good health and separatism was riding a wave of popularity. At that time you could have afforded the luxury of sermonizing, nursing delusions of being the sole leader and attacking fellow comrades. Those were the days of the glorious past. Stop living in the past. As on date separatism is on the wane. And you by your antics are becoming the biggest threat to an already feeble and dying sentiment. Please come out of your megalomania and do try to understand that thousands and thousands have perished in this struggle. Some more information from my side. The Israelis facilitated the creation of Hamas- not because the loved them. Because they believed that their radicalism will help them internationally. Do you see India facilitating some form of Hamas out here which cannibalized the separatist camp. I leave it to your conscience to decide.

Lastupdate on : Sat, 15 Dec 2012 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Sat, 15 Dec 2012 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Sun, 16 Dec 2012 00:00:00 IST

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