Simply shocking!

The rape of a young student in South Delhi has outraged all – and genuinely so



Entire Indian nation is, expectedly, outraged over the last Sunday horrific gang rape of a  young physiotherapy student in a moving bus in South Delhi. Angry members in both the houses of parliament demanded death penalty for the perpetrators. They expressed serious concern over the repeated and frequent incidents of rape and assault on women dignity in the India’s national capital which has earned  the infamy of being the ‘rape capital’ of India.
 The shameful incident in Delhi is part of the continuum of violence hundreds of the thousands of tender sex face every single day. In plenty of other places the epidemic has far surpassed Delhi. According to National Criminal Records Bureau (NCRB) of India, a government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing crime data says, in every nineteen minutes in India one person is murdered while one woman is raped in every twenty minutes and one kidnapping takes place in every twenty three minutes. In 2005 statistics available from the NCRB, reported 50,26337 crimes of which 7026 are dowry deaths and bride burning. While statistics reflect only reported crimes, more crimes are not reported at all as the numbed victims expect no help from the police. The crime wave that sweeps India left, right, centre is a sad commentary on India’s crumbling social system, youth’s titillatingly becoming crime-prone and police-judiciary failing to ensure the safety of Indian people, especially its weaker section. The police-criminal nexus or culprits link to politicians or culprit donning the political robes hamper justice and make punishment uncertain. Coupled with it is the criminal-just system moving on snails pace for being over burdened. According to NCRB, out of 50,26337 reported cases in India in 2005, the conviction rate is 42.4
 More or less negligible conviction rate in these hideous crimes points to a stark reality. Inability of the government to punish the culprits increases the rate of crime. It fails to send a chill down the marrow of the potential culprit before he commits the act. The fear of the noose around his neck would serve a deterrent.  The calls for summary trials, castration and mandatory death penalty which echoed in Indian parliament, in particular from women MPs, as an effective deterrent against rape crime is a tacit endorsement of the veracity of Islamic Shariah laws in tackling this ghastly crime although they are not openly admitting this. Islam regards the modesty of women as an unassailable virtue which no one can dare to violate. Rape not only amounts to robbing women of this virtue and thus leave her wreak in post trauma hell, it also is an attack on institution of women as daughter, sister and mother. That is why Islam calls for terribly harsh penalty-death-against a crime terribly unpardonable.
 Professor Ratna in his piece in The Hindu commenting on this heinous  gang rape has pointed to biased approach parents adopt while raising and nursing their children: ‘there is something profoundly wrong in the values young men are taught in our society, values which bind the parental preference for a male child to the gang of feral youth who carried out Saturdays outrage or hundreds of thousands husbands who were battering their women that same night’. The infinite number of pre-natal tests done to determine sex reveal a shameful stink mentality of the parents which cast them more as cannibals than human beings. This male-preferential behavior gets manifested in so many ugly forms like dowry deaths, abduction, rape and bride burning. Here Islam again offers its redeeming cure for the diseased mentality. ‘one who is bestowed with two girls or more’, says our beloved Prophet (SAW), ‘has his place marked in the paradise’. It was because of the glorious teachings of the Islam and the measures taken to protect her dignity that woman was pulled out of the servitude and oppression and  placed at the zenith of perfection and reverence. In her dignified demeanor, she would walk miles away lonely and yet all protected. The one whose birth would smear the face of his father and would hide in shame; one who was buried live in dark pits, Islam changed the mindset and elevated her to the sacred position of not only co-partner but equal-partner ‘huna libasun lakum va antum libasun lahuna’.
 Tail Piece: -  (1) The cine star of yore and MP Jaya Bachan broke down in parliament when she referred to spine-chilling incident. But missed lampooning at the ‘women empowerment’. As did the Sushma Sawaraj of BJP and others.
(2) Was the hapless young student exposing her feminity or posing a challenge to the power of corporatization and advertising. Will the channels focus their probing antenna on that aspect as well. I doubt.

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