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We must guard the moral fabric of our society



 This refers to a recent infanticide case which took place in Kupwara. As reported by Greater Kashmir, an unmarried girl gave birth to a female baby who was later on reportedly killed by a doctor and thrown into nallah with the assistance of two sweepers. The doctor has a different story to narrate. Since accused had been arrested, charge-sheet has been produced before the court of law- the writer believes that the law will take its course. However, the girl and her paramour who sowed the seeds of offence (infanticide) by committing a shameful act will go unpunished while as accused, if convicted, will serve punishment. The law in this case can be blamed as deficient and blind. 
 Certainly it is a gruesome murder but it is not the only case of such nature. Many go unreported, reason being to avoid societal reprimand, and also to escape the clutches of law. Many children are killed in their mothers’ womb.  Such children are thus buried before they could see the light of the day. Feticide and infanticide are seen as output of gender bias. It is said, and often holds true, that parents in our society have more inclination towards male children females. But the case in hand has a different story to reveal. It is a case of infanticide which has its roots in premarital sex. Who is responsible? And who deserves to be punished?
 It is now universally acclaimed that playing with law of nature is equivalent to inviting destruction. It can be normal natural rule that a child may reach the age of puberty at 16. But yet he/she has to wait until 30 or more to get his/her biological urge satisfied. This way we are making Nikah  tougher, Zinah easier.
 As for as the question of responsibility is concerned, various sections of society can be blamed. Our leaders - in the mainstream or out of it – are so much pre-occupied with certain issues like sharing and enjoying of powers or establishment of state of different sort that they have altogether left society to the care of devil. Our khateebs (moulvies) pronounce khutbas which suit their status and people of their dogma.
 One justified reason for it can be lack of moral education in our curriculum. Other can be that teachers themselves are part of mad rat race of accumulation of wealth. So society in general and parents in particular have genuine reasons of expecting least from them.
 Parents have a major role to play. They can shape lives of their children provided they themselves are not shapeless. They must enrich themselves by the teaching of the Quran and the Hadith. Allah in the holy Quran, addresses to the believers in these words “Believers, guard yourselves and your kindred against a Fire whose fuel is human beings and stones, a Fire held in the charge of fierce and stern angels who never disobey what He has commanded them, and always do what they are bidden” (Chapter 66: verse 6). The father has a special role, mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), "One who is given by God, a child, he should give it a beautiful name, should give him or her education, and training and when he or she attains puberty, he should see to it that he or she is married. If the father does not arrange their marriage after puberty, and the boy or girl is involved in sin, the responsibility of that sin will lie with the father". This hadith reveals that parents shall not wait but marry their daughters at an age when they attain puberty and if kept unmarried parents would be responsible for the sin they commit.
That is how Islam urges on a healthy social relationship. Following directions of Allah and sayings of prophet can pull us out of the moral quagmire we are in.

(The author teaches law at Central university of Kashmir and can be reached at hilal.amu99@gmail.com)

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