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Right from the day one, the conflict ridden state of Jammu and Kashmir  has a very disturbed relationship with New Delhi. Regrettably the history of Indian behaviour with Kashmir is so haughty and treacherous that even some Indian intellectuals are compelled to describe it as a ‘saga of betrayals’.  Of no fault of his, a Kashmiri has been continuously subjected to the worst kind of humiliation and physical subjugation.  Therefore the feelings are bruised and the body is badly battered. Shockingly, the ordeal of a Kashmiri continues to go on, disgustingly in the name of democracy and secularism. The conditions are so suppressing and soul-crushing that even a highly ideologically enlightened person having a very elevated sense of awareness runs the risk of getting dehumanised.  There are issues related with suppression. There are problems arising out of humiliating existence. And finally there are psychological barriers built only to crush the longings; the aspirations. Simply put, all the impediments, physical or psychological, are malevolently designed to crush the dreams of a better tomorrow. In such a horrible condition if one finds one's soul crushed, it is only what is to happen in bone crushing and soul-chilling conditions.              
Yet I dare to say I hate the hate India sentiment. State structures are hell bent upon to extend their all-pervasive control even to deny the freedom to think freely, freedom to express or  the freedom to move freely stands compromised long before. The disdain against the all-pervasive state structures even to the extent of malice is a natural human reaction. However while the body might feel suppressed still soul has to remain free. It is very much possible, if a conscious effort is made, of course it requires a greater degree of determination.  In case along with the physical being soul also turns out to be captive then it only equals to fully losing the control of the self. Body can be subjected but to deny complete control to the subjugation, soul in all the scenarios has to remain free. Hate of the other should never be allowed to dictate the progression of a movement. In that case it is not progression but regression. It only indicates besides the body the soul too has been dehumanised.  When hate starts dictating the course of a resistance it tantamounts to losing the free character of the struggle.      
Being part of the resistance will obviously invite the wrath of the established order. While seeking resurrection I am time and again subjected to the repeated processes of destruction.  Is it law of the nature, testing the resolve of the resistance or else nature of the suppression to tame the resistance? Whatever, the resurgence of new order is never possible without the destruction of the established order? Yet the resistance seeking the establishment of new order inevitably has itself to pass through a very painful and nasty process of destruction.  If I am determined to create a new order that’s beautiful, and just and even fair towards my worst detractors. In that case I am following my idea of freedom. And in a hopeless situation instead of creating a new order the so called resistance is aiming to seek the destruction of the controlling state along with its people, to describe this ugly phenomenon as resistance is to demean the very idea of resistance. In case we are still unaware about the difference between resistance and vengeance, I am afraid we are yet to grasp the very idea of freedom.
Why I struggle, simply to seek justice. Why I resist because the present order is suppressive and malignant. What I aspire for a better tomorrow, free of fair and intimidation for my progeny. I indeed am desirous of my own flag why should that make me contemptuous towards the national symbols of India. Certainly I desire freedom why should that make me seek the destruction of a billion plus Indians. I seek to create a new nation with new order based upon the guiding principles of justice, equality and universal brotherhood. And in case I am aware of my plight and that prompts me to struggle and not the hate of other drives me towards the action, then I must also be cognizant about the predicaments faced by an ordinary Indian.
Do I want simply a territory without an idea of a better tomorrow? Then I fear I hardly stand for freedom. And in case the idea of freedom excites me, in that case I am ordained to explain what freedom means, for me, for my people and for the rest of the world. Am I a separatist or a freedom fighter? And in case I am a true believer of Islam, where does then the idea of separatism fit in the universal idea of Islam? I want my people to be free, then I should seek freedom for people of India, Pakistan and elsewhere from the bondages of man, injustices, poverty and disease. Are we seeking change of order or transfer of territory? We started as separatists, having failed to do so; we wanted to change the system. Unless we change the nature of Time, bring a real revolution, otherwise power struggles are the futile exercises. 

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