Assaulted student in Delhi

I am shocked that my gender can inflict such horror on its opposite



On the third Sunday of 12/12 what happened at South Delhi makes me, as a male, hang my head in shame. I am ashamed to learn how brutally cruel my gender could be to our own complimenting and completing halves. When Jaya Bhaduri, with tears in eyes, speaks in the National Parliament about the female folk in their childhood years getting sexually abused by their real fathers, brothers and uncles, I stand silenced to speak against the male perceived indecent clothing and provocative conduct of the female folk that we men, somewhat conveniently, adjudge as the core reason for our insane outburst against her.
God has left so many things to the humans themselves to balance.  Almighty could have chosen to arm the female folk with some inbuilt defensive mechanism to resort to in the situations of danger to her modesty. But that would have, in a way, amounted to openly and outright distrusting the male’s reliability. Males should be grateful to God that He did not thus pronounce him an open security risk to half the humanity.
 Wise people prevent a crime while the impulsive ones relish the crime meeting its punishment.   I, as a male, have come to conclude that females need to be provided a legal protection to keep with and actually use an easy and quick to operate anesthetic spray (or something of that sort) in situations like that of the third Sunday of 12 /12 at South Delhi. We shall have to trust that this apparatus shall be used judiciously and genuinely as we trust that all the fire arms holders use their weapons only when their use becomes unavoidable. 
War mentality and unregulated lust is what our circumstances are promoting. With a great sense of respect and sympathy to the female gender I shall, therefore, submit that our films, our advertising and promotion industry (from a shaving razor to an airlines), our websites, our literature, our fine arts our media and in fact our everything has cunningly succeeded in persuading the female folk to unwittingly  collaborate in promoting nudity. We have to accept that this phenomenon has been promoting immoral mentality as the absence of peace in the contemporary times has been promoting a scenario of general war mentality. It can be suggested to the female folk to revisit the approach of this easy, voluntary and spontaneous cooperation that essentially and only contributes in their own exploitation. In the present age that is driven mainly by material and commercial considerations protection of the modesty, grace, respect and chastity of the Eve’s daughter has to be re fixed and actually re established as a global priority.
 Exploiting a woman provocatively in a film like insaaf ka tarazoo may be a case in point. But filmmakers can put across their message even more forcefully without vulgarizing the subject. Taaray zameen per and Baagbaan can be quoted as examples of a healthy cinema. Here the film-makers have amply established that fine arts can successfully go ahead without a vulgar exploitation of the women folk. I believe all the faiths and religions that we identify with recommend, in principle, that the core objective of our art can never be the promotion of moral debauchery and waywardness.
 I have been coming across hundreds of Muslim students, medicos, engineers, other professionals and other commoners, in their prime, spotting long beards, avoiding fashionable and trendy attires and actually rising from their sweet sleeps at midnights to offer tahajjud (an un obligatory but preferred prayer ). I am sure that this lot of the human population shall never be tempted and provoked by any sort of circumstances to even think of eve teasing. I believe such noble guys exist in all faiths and I also trust that hundreds and thousands of such disciplined and properly socialized Muslims are there even without spotting beautiful teen age beards. I do not associate moral uprightness to any particular attire or any particular faith. My point to underline is that proper moral upbringing and a disciplined mentoring at the family and in the formative years of one’s schooling shall be very helpful in ensuring a safe passage to the eve’s daughter in her day- to-day dealings with her complimentary and completing halves.

(The author is Principal GDC Boys Anantnag and can be reached at

Lastupdate on : Tue, 25 Dec 2012 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Tue, 25 Dec 2012 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Wed, 26 Dec 2012 00:00:00 IST

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