Punish them
This refers to Delhi rape case. I don't know whom to blame. Shall I believe police or politicians. Both are busy plundering the nation. Opposition is taking  advantage to gain vote bank. Why not to punish those six criminals so that others teach a lesson. Dar Ajaz.Namtehal, Chadura.< More

Guarding modesty
If Islamic Shariah is implemented, there will be no rapes and no violence to women. Hijab does not degrade a woman but uplifts a woman and protects her modesty and chastity.Muhammad Faizan mohammad.faizan98@gmail.com More

Trust deficit
The GoI must safeguard the honour of women in the country. It must come up with stringent laws for sexual assault so that the trust deficit between people particularly women and Government is reduced by and large.Suhail Ashrafsuhailsmailbox@gmail More

Irregular cuts
The PDD department cuts power without any schedule. As a result two babies died in district Baramulla. Department should stop these irregular power cuts in district to save the precious lives.Haris Rashidharisteli.1@gmail.com More

Bus fair
This refers to the news about bus conductors who are asking students to pay full amount as bus fear as it's winter vacations in schools. They must not forget that students have to visit the tuition centers also. So they are to be charged half rates only. Zeeshan Majeed NadrooMore

Debating corruption
This refers to Political blunders (G.K. 24th december). In reply to a question of corruption in democracy I observed that the donations were collected for National Conference during elections and not for Sheikh Sahib. In my response I had referred to the black money of the business class and the role More

New spirit
This refers to JK's performance in the current Ranji trophy season. J&K started their Ranji trophy campaign with a very sad note, having a tussle with the Board about the selection matter, feelingdissatisfied with the coach and Kashmir based players refusing to play. But victory has infused More

Be punctual
This refers to “Economics of  Punctuality” by Dr Nazir Ahmad Gilkar (GK 22-12-2012). The author has highlighted the significance of punctuality vis-à-vis socio economic aspects, in a beautiful way. Even the idlest of idle feel uncomfortable in waiting.  VIPs are the biggest culprits who More

Coaching centers
This refers to the coaching centers which lack accommodation. Students in these centers have no place to sit and still the owners demand good money. Government must act. Pir Reyaz pirreyaz@yahoo.com More

  • Kashmir

SHRC to investigate 1990 Gaw Kadal massacre

‘Report To Be Completed In 2-Months’


Srinagar, Dec 26: In a significant development, the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on Wednesday ordered an inquiry by its investigation wing into the 1990 Gaw Kadal massacre here in which 51 people More

  • Srinagar City




Srinagar, Dec 26: In blatant violation of environmental norms and public outcry, construction of Skewed bridge across river Jhelum here is going on at a full swing.  The under-construction bridge More

  • Jammu

‘Night soil of 60000 latrines goes into open drains’


Jammu, Dec 26: Night soil of over 60 thousand latrines is disposed into open drains without any sewage treatment in Jammu and Kashmir, according to figures released by state's Directorate of Census Operation More

  • South Asia

Osama paid Rs 50, 000 bribe to Patwari


Islamabad, Dec 26: Even the world's most wanted man could not escape the bribery dragnet. Osama bin Laden's safe-house in Pakistan's garrison city Abbottabad was built after paying a bribe of Rs 50,000 More

  • World

Egypt gets first people-approved constitution

Cairo, Dec 26: Over a year after overthrowing an entrenched dictator, Egypt today adopted a new constitution after a two-thirds 'yes' vote in a polarising referendum, triggering fresh protests from the More

  • Kupwara

Shahabad residents demand bridge

5 drown in 3-yrs in Warnow Nallah

Shahabad (Kupwara) Dec 26: Residents of Shahabad in this frontier district are up in arms against the government for failing to construct a bridge over Warnow Nallah as five persons have drowned in the More

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