Winter ahead

Why donít we produce to become self sufficient ?



The winter in Kashmir Valley has set in. The chilly waves are blowing making the life difficult. With time, the chill will intensify to test the patience of the people here. There will be increase in the problems of the people in every sector of life.
                 We all know that the Valley of Kashmir is connected with the other states of India by the Highway which is nearly three hundred kilometers from Kashmir to Jammu. It is through this way that goods and fruits of Kashmir are exported to the different places of India and the essential supplies to Kashmir also come to Kashmir through this route. The Highway has been serving as a binding factor between Kashmir and India for the last sixty three years. Thousands of people travel on this route daily as tourists, businessmen, traders, laborers, students, and employees and more importantly as humans. It is very unfortunate that this route has been a source of worry for the people of Kashmir due to landslides and other climatic disturbances in the past. The supplies to Kashmir are detained and people die every year in road accidents. The discontinuation of essential commodities like gas, vegetable, milk, rice and other eatables creates an emergency like situation in the valley and the simple and poor people find themselves helpless.  The people belonging to different sections of the society should normally help each during such crises but unfortunately that doesn't happen. Since there is shortage of items, the dishonest traders, shopkeepers and other business classes increase the rates and are bent upon looting the suffering masses. These people perhaps think that it is a chance for them to earn more wealth and therefore forget about the human values. The valley remains in crises during winter usually and we witness that there is shortage of every thing and in case the traffic on the Highway is not mobilized and ensured, the problems worsens.
       Winter would not create shortage of everything if we would have protected our natural resources which were and are available in abundance in our valley and the problems which combat us during chill of the winter would be less.  There is no doubt that we have been behaving irresponsibly and hence the miseries besiege us. In the past we had our independent economic resources of production. Our economy was progressive during the reign of Zain-ul-Abdin and the Chaks and we would import and export items necessary for our existence. But we lost that sense of having our own resources and have made ourselves dependent upon the supplies coming from the outside states. We had a lot of land for the produce of rice but we changed that into housing colonies and shopping complexes. We could have made vegetable farms on our fertile land and would not be dependent on the vegetable of Jammu and Punjab but we preferred to run after petty and ordinary Government jobs, and thus destroyed our own capacity to produce our own economic resources. Our selfish and dishonest business minded people received subsidies on the pretext of establishing industries and those industries never came into existence. Their counterparts have displayed all their sincerity and honesty towards the cause of serving their society and consequently, we find Jammu region progressing and flourishing by leaps and bounds. This dishonest business class of the society could have done a great duty by establishing industries and could produce items which we now purchase from Jammu and other states. They could have benefited themselves financially and could also create avenues for employment. We have still enough potential in rural areas to nourish animal and bird industry of our own and become self sufficient in terms of milk and meat which have great economic advantages, provided we become sane and do not wish to remain dependent upon the outside produce. We are not at present still in severe crises because we have enough eatable items being produced in the rural areas which are fulfilling the need of the hour. But if we do not realize the situation and do not have our own economic independence, the essential items blockade during any winter season may definitely lead us in to a grave trouble. 

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