All corrupt

The menace of corruption has gone too deep



This refers to the article " Corruption and Debate" GK Dec 2012. The author has pointed towards the maladies plaguing  our democracy and how the political class is playing electoral politics. He has also passionate appealed for convergence rather than creating a situation that, in the long run will be detrimental to the well-being of the nation.
Not long ago, I was fortunate to be part of an audience addressed by the eminent personality, late Nani Palkiwala at Mumbai on the state of the nation. He opened his address with a apocryphal story. After The God created nations, the leaders of all the nations complained to God that The Almighty has invested India with human resources  with tremendous potential, vast natural resources and wealth etc and with these potentialities, India would overtake every other nation in due course. The God pronounced that the leaders He has chosen for the country will undo what has been given to them.
Though the story was told to drive home the point about the insensitive political class but it rings true when viewed against the backdrop of the unfolding comedy circus being played out by the polity of today, irrespective of party affiliations.
Instead of attending to the urgent task of nation building, the politicians of all hues and shades are seen to be wholly responsible for current state of affairs. This special  species seems to be collectively committed to make the above story come true, by carrying out open loot of the natural resources. They are doing everything needed to turn India as a haven of the corrupt by holding the highest temple of democracy hostage to petty electoral gains. Furtherance of dynastic agenda, openly attacking the highest statutory body with accusations of political leanings, cheap political gimmicks to buy loyalties of voters, divisive politicking, mis-governance with non delivery of social justice, misuse of state machinery, creating a spineless class of Babus  etc – all this leads to the same goal. The list of these dubious "achievements" of the political class towards self aggrandizement is too long to be counted.
The concern for Aam Adami is the new slogan of all and sundry. I think that it is the turn of this Aam Admi to plead to the God to reverse His earlier statement, as this appears to be the only recourse to get rid of the mess we all are in.
(Brig OP Abrol (Retd) is from Tawi Vihar, Jammu)

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