A tale of two freedoms

One life-giving, one life-threatening


The word `freedom' is something that we really feel so excited about as it has been our collective urge to be free. We all want freedom because we all need freedom. To my modest understanding of the word, there are two sets of freedoms and humans have an instinct for both. (No I am not referring to More

Why death penalty is immoral

If we think that by hanging Kasab we have taken care of our national security, we are sadly mistaken

Happymon Jacob

Killing someone is not an occasion to celebrate. Indeed, rejoicing as a nation at the killing of someone, even if he is a dreaded terrorist or criminal, shows the moral degradation of that society. If anything, the detailed, blow-by-blow account of the events relating to the hanging of Ajmal Amir More

Discolored Discrepancy

The situations people are in prove very instrumental in framing opinions and judgments

Syeda Afshana

Certain discourses and debates are timeless. To be genuine and substantial, opinions and judgments about them need to be freed from trappings of timeliness. For time factor cannot mould the realities which take birth to remain unchanged and undaunted. Of course, the situations people are in prove More

Of Persian Chronograms

Whenever I want to be at peace with myself I look back


Every one of us, at one or other point of time yearns for a serene moment. I do not know how you get that moment.   Whenever I want to be at peace with myself I look back- they call this looking back as nostalgia. Someone has said that it is ‘like folding your hands in your lap, becoming passive More

The question of 2014

NATO’s Afghanistan withdrawal and Hurriyat (M)’s Pakistan visit

Arjimand Hussain Talib

As NATO forces begin to pack up their bags in Afghanistan from their longest-ever war, the post-2014 scenarios in the country are attracting deep interest. The post-2014 scenarios are as important to Pakistan and India as they are to the United States and its allies. The complex web of convergence More

  • Kashmir

73rd amendment to put NC-Cong bonhomie to test

Have Finalized Report: Soz; Ready To Democratize 1989 Act Further: Sagar


Srinagar, Dec 8: Following bonhomie during the recently concluded Legislative Council polls, the National Conference-Congress combine is now set to face each other over the incorporation of ‘left-over More

  • Srinagar City

Police caught napping on AL BALAAGH FRAUD

Victims smell rat in investigations


Srinagar, Dec 8: With the state police failing to crack the case of fraud by Al-Balaagh Tours and Travels, a firm which two months back duped at least 126 aspiring Hajjis, the victims have accused the More

  • World

Hamas' Meshaal vows to continue resistance

Gaza, Dec 8: Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas leader in exile, has rejected any concessions over a future Palestine state at a rally marking the 25th anniversary of the armed Palestinian group.More than 100,000 More

  • Court Watch

Court reserves order on issuance of Commission



Srinagar, Dec 8: A court on Saturday reserved orders on an application by National Conference leader and Law and Parliamentary Affairs minister Ali Muhammad Sagar in his defamation case against Peoples More

  • Health

Childlessness 'may increase likelihood of early death'

Stockholm, Dec 8: Involuntary childlessness may increase the likelihood of early death, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reports.The Danish study looked at more than 21,000 couples seeking More

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