WF Road residents demand probe

GK News Network
Publish Date: Oct 12 2007 12:00PM
Srinagar, Dec 9:  Resident of Western Foreshore Road whose structures were demolished by LAWDA what they said despite permission on Sunday demanded a probe into the matter.
 Innatayullah Ahmad whose third storey was demolished by LAWDA said he has proper permission from SMC and LAWDA for his house. “The walls of my third storey has developed cracks due to earthquake in 2005. To avoid loss of life and property I undertook repairs of the walls. Ironically without notice, the LAWDA officials demolished the wall damaging furniture, fixtures and other items worth lakhs of rupees,” Innatayullah accompanied by other affected residents said.  
 “We are mulling legal action against the LAWDA. In the meantime we want a probe into the matter,” they said.