Nature’s Best Kept Secret

It boosts immunity, slows aging and functions as anti-depressant, but some serious research needs to go into it



Royal Jelly is a milky secretion derived from the hypopharyngeal gland of the worker honey bees. It is the exclusive food of the queen bee throughout her highly productive life, enabling her to lay up to 2000 eggs per day during her 4-5 year life span. It is so named because; it serves as the sole food for the queen bee. Royal jelly is old time herbal from beekeeping with reputation as marvellous healing agent. It is also known as miracle drug and a rejuvenator that restores youth. Modern orthodox medicine, however, consider this useless and modern beekeeping ignores the wonderful qualities of this herbal. 
      This super food of the bees is specially blended with enzymes and fed to each bee destined to become a queen. Its main chemical compound is acetylcholine.Royal Jelly has anti-inflammatory properties. This applies when it is applied topically or ingested internally, making it an excellent supplement for those suffering from arthritis. It has been shown to stimulate the growth of brain stem cells, thereby making it an effective tool in preventing both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. It is believed that royal jelly is able to improve the quality of women eggs, thereby aiding fertility issues and promoting overall health of the reproductive organs. Many women report that royal jelly is able to help reduce the effects and symptoms of PMS because of the fact that it is able to balance and regulate hormone levels in the body. This nutrient is also able to assist those suffering from insomnia and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatism. It regenerates bone growth. It is able to boost the immune system. Over the years, royal jelly has been given to premature infants that help them to gain weight. Studies have shown that it is also useful for ulcers, digestive disorders such as constipation, circulatory problems and cardiovascular ailments. It also has remarkable anti-aging properties because; it helps to improve collagen production in the skin. In summary, royal jelly is able to assist with regulating all of the functions of the human body. Royal jelly supplementation improves lipoprotein metabolism in humans.
                    Royal Jelly benefits several health conditions viz; Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Anabolic support, Broken or weak bones, Bladder infection, Coronary artery disease, Depression, Diabetes, Endocrine system disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Impotence, Infertility, Inflammation, Impaired memory, Liver aliments, Mental exhaustion, Menopause, panic or anxiety attacks, Retired growth, Skin blemishes and wrinkles, Viral and bacterial infections, weight control, Wound healing and Weak or tired eyes. Research done in both Japan and Croatia show that royal jelly may have significant anti-cancer properties. Royal Jelly has also been found to be a great fighter against the chemo and radio-therapy side effects. Royal Jelly’s amino acids can help to recover the immune system and provide a defence against the attacking microbes. Royal Jelly rebuilds the good cells that are destroyed during therapy. Though much more serious research is needed to really ensure its cancer fighting capabilities, experience and common knowledge proves royal jelly is multifunctional and very beneficial even with severe conditions like cancer.
Royal Jelly is famous for its strong antibacterial activity. It reverses the skin aging process that is why; bee jelly is often used in skin cosmetics. You’ll find royal jelly in many facial and all other things used for helping problematic skin, full of acne, pimples etc.
                     Royal Jelly is anti-depression and is effective whenever you feel strong negative emotions such as sorrow, sadness, fear etc. Combating depression with bee products might sound silly at first but experts agree that powerful royal jelly influence can help people completely overcome or at least moderate depression and many other symptoms of emotional problems or illnesses.              
               Besides many proven health benefits, royal jelly should also be regarded as potentially dangerous because it may cause allergic reaction. People who are allergic to bees or honey products should exercise caution when using this product, as serious allergic reactions may occur.  Bees are exposed to various bacterial and chemical contaminants that might be incorporated in products for human consumption. Although royal jelly contains substances like antibiotics, during product processing, all sorts of dirty things can come near and contaminate it. However, there is a rather small chance of this to happen. I have been impressed with the stories told by people who are already taking royal jelly on regular basis. I have been asked to explain these responses based on current medical and nutritional knowledge...and I can't. Future research will no doubt reveal a mechanism by which the ingredients of royal jelly in honey provide more energy, faster healing, slowed aging, relief from allergies and headaches, and much more.
Author is Ph.D. Entomology.

Lastupdate on : Thu, 15 Nov 2012 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Fri, 16 Nov 2012 00:00:00 IST

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