Eve's honor

She is an individual who commands respect, not a commodity on sale



Even in the era of ‘women empowerment’ women are struggling to save their honor. The “predators” are stalking them everywhere; homes, streets, offices, educational institutions. Browse through the pages of newspapers and look at the news channels, the horrible incidents of rape are mocking at the ‘dignity’ and ‘status’,  ‘liberal’ societies claim to have accorded to the opposite gender.
 Notwithstanding the stringent laws made to check the offence and various women rights organizations and ‘feminists’ taking pride in ‘liberating’ women from ‘slavery’ of man-dominated society, the menace continues unabated, with post traumatic stress disorder shattering their life forever.
 Many factors are counted for an alarming increase in the rape cases. Free-interaction between men and women and revealing clothes, along with distribution and dissemination of obscene material through print and electronic media, lack of paternal control, absence of moral education in institutions are cited as the main causes.
 West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerji commenting on the disturbing situation minced no words in stating that rape cases are on rise because men and women interact with each other more freely now. ‘Earlier if men and women would hold hands they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It is like an open market with open options’, she outpoured her dismay on the ‘openness’ of Indian society. Slamming media Mamta said: ‘Rape is sought to be glorified by news channels’.
 That dress and behavior too are contributing in increase of rape has been acknowledged even by police officials. Several Delhi police officers have endorsed the view, according to Tehlka magazine, that rape victims have ‘somehow contributed to the assault they suffered by what they wear, or the way they behaved’. ‘Provocative fashionable dresses’, opines the Director General of police Andhra Pradesh, is ‘one of the factors’ behind the increase in rape. A few years back a survey conducted by Amnesty International in United Kingdom revealed that 26% of respondents thought that women ‘wearing revealing clothes were totally or partially responsible for being raped’.
 The above revelations point to the folly of aping Western permissive culture and moral decadence it pushes the society in. As free-interaction, behavior and clothes are contributing to the assault on women dignity, one is tempted to draw a parallel between a Muslim women clad in veil or head-scarf and one ‘empowered’ and from an ‘enlightened’ society.
 A Hijab clad Muslim women like a criminal is put on trial in ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’ West. In Belgium wearing a veil in public is a ‘criminal offence’ and a ‘security risk’. French authorities allege veil ‘deprives identity’ of women and is a ‘sign of subservience’. They say ‘women prisoners’ are not welcome in Europe.
 Though putting curbs on what an individual wears is, as rightly said by Amnesty International, ‘violation of right to freedom of expression and religion’, the dress code of a religious minded woman not only gives her an identity of her own and a dignified and honorable demeanor, it also serves as an effective deterrent against the wild instincts. Police officials, Amnesty International Survey, in a different narrative and muffled tone, confess the same reality.
 The stereotyping of Muslim women and unbarred vilification and media trial against Muslims ruthlessly carried out should have ceased to attract non-Muslims towards Islam for finding meaning to their lives and solution to their spiritual voids and mental ailments. 9/11 turned a watershed and anything wicked was heaped on Islam and Muslims got labelled as terrorists. But as a CNN report shows 1.5 million Americans embraced Islam since American crusade against ‘terror’. And lo and behold 50% of them were women.
 Melani Georgiades (aka Diam), a popular rapper in France – the country where Hijab, the Islamic veil, is banned by the state – surprised recently her fans by announcing her conversion to Islam and choosing to wear a headscarf. She said, in a television interview with a new image, her conversion to Islam was ‘a result of a personal conviction after understanding the religion and reading the Holy Quran. Asked by her host about her wearing Hijab Milani answered: ‘I see it as a divine order or a divine advice, this brings joy to my heart’.
 Nalina is a Hindu girl working as a teacher in Al-Jamiatul Fikriya Islamic English school attends her school wearing full veil. At her switchover to new appearance she beams with joy: ‘now I won’t bother about looking smart everyday.’
 There are thousands and thousands of Muslim women who in their modest clothes – head scarves and veils – are really enjoying, what last year renowned British neo-convert actress Myriam Francosis calls ‘freedom and dignity’. Not the Hijab-clad woman but the bikini-clad woman feasts the eyes of the lustful men. And hence the astounding increase in the rape.
 No one is forcing a Muslim woman to shape what West derides at, into a ‘walking prison’. It is, as neo-converts acknowledge, their personal conviction to choose a new way of life. But “demands of the market” are certainly a driving force behind a woman in wearing revealing clothes and walking half nude. And in that case everyone knows from toenails to her skull hair she is exploited and robbed of her dignity and honor.

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