Between wisdom and exuberance

Approaching parliamentary election and the changing fortunes



Age is not tied to wisdom, nor it is other way  round. Some of the young men are quite wise and have better solutions to  problems than their elders. But these wise men should realize that  there is no substitute to experience, no matter how much intelligent the young men may be.  It is good to make way for youth, for they have  a lot of energy  and some  bright ideas, after all they are not the men from the 20th  century, hostage to the old thinking.  But these youth, especially the ones who are ruling  different states, should know that their predecessors were also young at some point of time.  Take for example, Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state of India, ruled by  Akhilesh Singh Yadav- his father  Mulayam Singh Yadav is a   veteran politician in his right. He  made way for his  son,  presumably voluntarily, knows that how to oppose FDI in retail and at the same time back the  UPA government, which is corrupt and disgraced in the eyes of the poor and middle class. The nation is  not only waiting  but also praying to see the end of the  UPA II  government. It is he, who can live with contradictions and change his stand, be it  nuclear deal, or the choice of president of the country. Everyone  knows that   his word cannot be trusted.  Veteran BJP leader Arun Jaitley was right in observing that  “ let first Mulayam Singh Yadav know that what he wants.” Akhilesh, by contrast  tries to offer a  different perspective to the  things, but when it comes to opposing the  FDI in retail and other issues, he  also changes   his mind  as many a times in a day as his father does. So where is the difference between the young and the old.
The young men  who feel that they can make difference to the Indian politics are hostage to their own contradictions. Some of them are escapists. They don’t face the situations and have no answer to the problems facing their territory and population, rather they pick up excuses, a plenty of them, to blame others for their own failures. If farmers are not happy  in Punjab with the  their  Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, the law and order situation in the neighbhouring state is  deteriorating like anything, the  heir apparent to  Chief Minister  Prakash Singh Badal, is indifferent.  This attitude of indifference  that characterizes the young men with  “wisdom”  always  run down the elders, and this  unfortunate factor stems from two  factors:, first, they live in the world where they think that it is their divine right to  be something,  and since the 20th century politicians who have made way for their 21st century generation, are  devoid of any fresh ideas. The cardinal  principle is that the  elders too have their  wisdom and experience.
Whenever there is a crisis,  they turn to the wise old men, for resolving the situation.    Apart from wisdom experience the  experience matters. Because these 20th century politicians  did experience many ups and downs  in their life. They knew what is coming and what kind of role should be played in a particular situation. To be fair to them, elder  Yadav in Uttar  Pradesh, and the  elder Badal in Punjab, have seen  all aspects of life. They are the bridges between the 20th century and 21st century generations. It  is their experience which has kept them afloat in the politics in their states and beyond it. It has been observed that when the  crisis is over, the younger lot returns to their  belief that they are the most intelligent people on this planet who have solution to every problem.  Their elders used to travel on cycles, as Mulyam Singh Yadav used to do, the young ones are fond of flying machines and  give a damn to the poor  and the  middle class.   For them a  particular class  of people, elite  and wealthy are the best people and they should get all the benefits, while the poor will have to wait for their  turn until next elections.  The only consolation for the poor, whose destiny stays as it was  years ago, is that the next general  election is round the corner.

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