Between wisdom and exuberance

Approaching parliamentary election and the changing fortunes

Binoo Joshi

Age is not tied to wisdom, nor it is other way  round. Some of the young men are quite wise and have better solutions to  problems than their elders. But these wise men should realize that  there is no substitute to experience, no matter how much intelligent the young men may be.  More

The Bomb and the Descent of Man

The diabolical weapon called the nuclear bomb is not the source of our destructive force. The root cause is that despite all our efforts, the human race has never been at peace with itself. The ascent of man has all through been a history of conflict

Raj Chengappa

It is always an unnerving experience to visit one’s old school where one has spent the formative years. While there are a few moments of triumph, all sorts of uncomfortable incidents come to mind. For at that tender age, learning was always a hard process, rarely a pleasant one, at least for me. Yesterday More

Paradise in “Omnishambles”!

The Oxford’s word of the year for Britain aptly describes Kashmir’s present situation in all respects!


The word “Omnishambles” is a combination of two words, Omni meaning all and shambles meaning total disorder. It describes a situation which is in total disorder from all perspectives. According to Wikipedia the term was coined by Tony Roche in the BBC series on political satire, “The Thick of it”. More

The ‘unseen’ love….

…...significance of the seemingly ‘insignificant’

Hishma Nazir

She, as usual trying to match pace, is running after him. Her shoulder holds his school bag, her hand has the school tie hanging, the other one is holding the piece of bread she is exhorting him to eat. The child runs towards the edge, trying to hide himself; embarrassed of the routine commotion. More

  • Kashmir

‘Leh, Kargil poorly studied in terms of biodiversity, impacts of climate change on wetlands’

WWF Report Says Region Threatened By Unsustainable Tourism, Overgrazing, Resource Extraction


Srinagar, Nov 19: A report by the World Wildlife Fund (India Network) has revealed that Leh and Kargil regions of Jammu and Kashmir were poorly studied in terms of biodiversity and potential impacts of More

  • Srinagar City

Admin caught napping on defunct bypass lighting

2 years on highway plunged into darkness; PDD, R&B unmoved


Srinagar, Nov 19: For the past two odd years, driving down the busy stretch of Jammu-Srinagar-Muzaffarabad highway snaking through the south City has been risky as this vital stretch is without lights More

  • Jammu

Building tourism infrastructure in JK must, but natural beauty is equally important: Omar

CM Pitches For Protection Of Environs, Chairs PDA Meeting

Jammu, Nov 19: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday reiterated the need for preserving natural beauty of J&K. He said the development of tourist infrastructure should not interfere in the serenity and More

  • World


92 Palestinians killed in 6 days of airstrikes


Gaza, Nov 19: Israeli airstrikes have pounded Gaza for a sixth day successive day, raising to 92 the number of Palestinians killed, as the UN Secretary-General calls for an immediate ceasefire. Three More

  • Bijbehara

Govt Primary school New Colony functions in shed

Students suffer, authorities mute

Where does money for educational infrastructure go?


BIJBEHARA: Belying tall claims of the Government of providing quality infrastructure and education to students, a Primary school here functions in a makeshift shed.  The Government Primary School More

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