Aggression versus defiance!

Israel’s killing timeline in gaza



It was not long ago when we, as journalists,were writing about the Israeli routine attacks on the inhabitants of occupied Gaza. It seems that we will continue writing about this bloody conflict for many more years to come as we might keep doing with regards to the dispute in Kashmir as well.
Translating the agency and wire copies had been reduced to a mere custom when the Israeli blitz of the Gaza strip in 2008 had killed 1,400 Palestinians,
many of them children and women. Let’s resist the temptation of including the word “innocent” here before “children and women”. When we try to make some sense of the magnitude of violence between the rival sides, one surely comes to a discomforting conclusion: From December 27, 2008 - January 18, 2009, at least 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. Does it need any further explanation to know and understand who the perpetrator of the violence is and who the victim of that organized violence and unpardonable crimes against humanity is?
Let’s not fall prey to the rhetoric.
Like Lebanon’s Hizbullah, the Palestinian Hamas militias too have occasionally claimed that Israel has “opened the gates of hell” by killing their guerrilla leaders. But it is crystal clear who is calling the shots in the disturbed region.
Robert Fisk — an English writer and journalist from Maidstone, Kent, primarily based in Beirut, Lebanon, who has been voted International Journalist of the Year seven times — in his latest article draws our attention towards the dangers of rhetoric and journalistic clichés. “As, in truth, are the Israeli attacks on Gaza. But don’t say that or you’ll be an anti-Semitic Nazi; almost as evil, wicked, unspeakable, devilish and murderous as the Hamas movement with which – again, please don’t mention this –Israel happily negotiated in the Eighties when they encouraged this bunch of mobsters to take power in Gaza and thus decapitate the exiled super-terrorist Arafat. The new exchange rate in Gaza for Palestinian and Israeli deaths has reached 16:1. It will rise, of course. The exchange rate in 2008-09 was 100:1,” Fisk writes on The Independent. [Ratio, 1400P: 13I]                
Yet there is no dearth of apologists of Israeli occupation of Palestine in the West. Many such apologists would endlessly argue that the Israeli Defence Forces were only reacting to an assault by the Hamas militias. Are they really serious? O’ Heavens, how come!
Israel is bombing Gaza dwellers again in 2012. This is nothing new. It has been happening for the past 64 years. Israel, the apartheid state, is trying its utmost best to coerce the Palestinians to give up their demand for independent statehood. In realisation of this unrealistic goal the western powers have always offered their extraordinary support and guidance to Israel. And this Western hypocrisy reaches its pinnacle when it claims “neutrality”. The Western powers never take sides, they claim! They only side with Israel despite knowing
well the state they are siding with deserves neither support nor sympaIn
Marxthy. There is indeed no moral equivalence between Israel the occupier and Palestine the victim.Sometimes it gets really hard to convince ourselves that we’re living in 21st century, where the commander-in-chief of two wars is honoured with Nobel Peace Prizes; neutrality made subservient to economic relations;resolution of conflicts made dependent on race and religion, and sanctions primarily imposed on those who you fear won’t toe your line and not adhere and conform to capitalist doctrine and imperialist design! 
John Mearshimer — an American professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, USA, and international relations theorist — in his latest blog writes: “So what’s going on here? At the most basic level, Israel’s actions in Gaza are inextricably bound up with its efforts to create a Greater Israel that stretches from the Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea. Despite the endless palaver about a two-state solution, the Palestinians are not going to get their state, not least because the Netanyahu government is firmly opposed to it….”
The latest attack since the occupation of Palestine in 1948 has killed a top Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari. Mr. Jabari, some reports say, was Hamas’s military chief and was assassinated in a targeted strike in Gaza. The death toll of Gazans has passed 100 as the sounds of Apaches, F-16 missiles and drones continue to pulverize the Palestinians. The Jewish state has also warned that more such attacks will be carried out to wipe out the Hamas militants. Hamas, in its typical knee-jerk response, has announced that Israel has “opened the gates of hell”.
What is saddening is the fear of human cost that Palestinians will have to bear and pay because of the Israeli campaign, which the Jewish state has named as Operation ‘Pillar of Defence’. But what is heartening is the fact that Palestinians will not stop resisting the Israeli aggression and military occupation of their land. The only ‘Pillar of Hope’ the Palestinians have is ‘Pillar of Defiance’, come what may!

Gowhar Geelani is a journalist and writer with international experience.
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