Mess on the roads

Zebra crossing will help a great deal in maintaining a smooth flow



HONK, HONK! Again a traffic jam. Vehicular traffic in Srinagar is in doldrums. The number of public and private transport has increased manifold. The roads are bursting. With minors and drivers without license behind the wheels, it is free for all on the roads. Motor vehicles Act and rules made thereunder govern the traffic on the roads. Auto and bikes are the front runners in breaking laws. Lane driving is not heard of in this city. Speed checks are not known and Scorpios and Safaris drive recklessly and observing the speed limits in breach. The government with the resources available, recently introduced traffic lights at important crossings. These lights do not have option for the pedestrian movement. The government has perhaps lost sight of common people, pedestrians. The ghanta ghar is the focal point, there is a huge platform, where the drivers smoke and dry fruit merchants use this for drying of their walnuts. The height of things, there are no footpaths for pedestrian walk. These footpaths are illegally occupied by bystanders and the government cannot afford to take cudgels with its vote bank and mobile voters. The footpaths are meant for pedestrians, and zebra crossing are meant for crossing the roads when the traffic lights indicate red light showing a man walking. Pedestrian movement or be it vehicular, some of these lights have from day one played hide and seek, and after six months some of the lights have dimmed out.
Pedestrian in this city, which is called heaven on earth, do not walk on footpaths, which is exclusive property of roadside vendors and hawkers. Pedestrian movement has not been thought of, people should invariably use footpaths, if footpaths are occupied by vendors, in that eventuality they should tread the road. The people in our city lack traffic sense, we are not sanitized in respect of rules to be observed while crossing the roads.
Footpaths can not be cleared of the illegal shops, it is a political decision. They have a mischief value, they are mobile voters. If at all, the government finds spine to do so, it will be at their peril. Where will the pedestrians go, there is no space on foot paths which in the case of Amirakadal bridge is occupied by fisher woman. They cannot walk on the bridge where traffic is so congested that a person can not walk through. The traffic department has not indicated zebra crossing and it is not high lighted by markings on all roads. I want to bring home a point here, if a person is injured on the road by a speeding vehicle, while crossing the road, it does not warrant compensation as is admissible to an injured person who has injured himself on a Zebra Crossing.
Managing traffic of the millennium is a Herculean task. The government should in the first place make the transport office free from political interference. RTO, regional transport officer should be filled up by a meritorious candidate and honest one. Brokers should be discouraged and strong action should be taken against them. Laws relating to vehicle transfer should be amended and summary procedure be introduced to stop fraud and mischief. Single window system be introduced for registration of new vehicles. Registration charges for commercial vehicles be marginally increased. Cap on registration of vehicles per day. There should be a distinction between commercial and personal transport.
Licensing authority should make issuance of license stringent. Checking sqad should bring vigour in the way of preventing violations. Five violations or more will entail punching of drivers license. Ten violations should entail cancellation of his license and penalty of rupees one thousand only. Checking squads should embark on aggressive modus operandi against rash and negligent driving. Speedometers be made available to traffic cops to check speed.

We all must join hands to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in the city.
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Lastupdate on : Wed, 21 Nov 2012 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Wed, 21 Nov 2012 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Thu, 22 Nov 2012 00:00:00 IST

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