Killing humanity at Gaza

For what crime are they being killed?



 World’s fourth largest military is relentlessly attacking a defenseless besieged population in Gaza. As I begin composing this text the death toll has risen to 112 with 400 injured. The casualties have overwhelmingly been civilians, including women and children. Israel has suffered death of three soldiers and injuries of a dozen. That reveals the asymmetrical strength of the combatants of ‘war’. Against a nuclear-armed country with highly sophisticated weaponry in its arsenal and having an awe-inspiring air, sea and ground forces to intimidate and threaten Arab world, even mighty Iranians, it is not difficult to foretell the outcome of ‘war’. It is the case of a cat howled to corner. Everybody knows that before reaping the inevitable, Hamas struggles hard to smash the walls of desperation. For a bare survival.
 Imagine a community that is barricaded on all sides and remains under tight maritime and aerial siege and continues to be cut off from the rest of the world and denied access to ‘Palestinians’ cultural, economic and academic capitals in the rest of the (occupied) territories’ in violation of obligations under the Oslo Accord. Leading American intellectual Prof. Noam Chomsky, who has been in Gaza last month before Zionist state went on fresh killing spree, calls Gaza ‘the world’s largest open-air prison’ where a million and a half people, in the most densely populated area of the world, ‘are constantly subjected to random and offensive savage terror and arbitrary punishment, with no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade, and with the further goal of ensuring that Palestinian hopes for a descent future will be crushed  and that the overwhelming global support for a diplomatic settlement that will grant these rights will be nullified’.
 What is the “crime” people in Gaza have committed that the hell has been unleashed on them. Their major “crime” is they voted the ‘wrong way’ in electing Hamas in the first free election in Arab world `1(in January 2006). Israel responded in brutal siege and the US and the EU stopped humanitarian aid, fully supporting Israeli blockade. Still bigger “crime” Gazans perpetrated when they foiled the coup to dislodge Hamas. Israel further tightened the siege and carried on military attacks culminating in ‘Operation Cast Lead’ against defenseless civilian population. The 22 day operation in 2008 turned Gaza into rubble killing 1400 civilians and maiming thousands.
 Hamas leadership through its unwavering commitment to Palestine cause and resilience enjoyed mass support of Palestinians. Thus they are the prime targets of what Israel calls ‘surgical strikes’. As in 2008, the latest aggression also claimed the lives of Hamas political leadership. A few days before Ahmad al-Jabari was assassinated. Not only militant wing of Hamas was subjected to attack, the civil secretariat, PM House, media installations were raised to ground. Nearly all residential places of political leaders were attacked. People are being killed in their homes, yards, play grounds. Everywhere. There is no place safe anywhere in Gaza. How it can be when for the past one week sustained and systematic air strikes are being carried out after every five minutes and shelling from gun boats continues unabated. A family of 11 members has been completely wiped out. Teenagers have been mercilessly killed when they were playing soccer even in their own house yards.
 The Zionist state has warned in the past few weeks that it will ‘go crazy’ if Palestinians are accorded a limited recognition at the United Nations. That not happening as yet, nevertheless Israel has literally translated its intent, it did ‘go crazy’. It is Israhell we are seeing Gazan civilians burning in.
 And amazingly world too went crazy in silence, in conniving at the crime the hawkish Israeli government committed against the Humanity. The second-time US-elect President Obama, who was given a Nobel Peace Prize, has fully backed up Israel in the genocide of Gazans. He defended Israel saying ‘it has right to defend its territory against rocket attack’. (Rockets, that are home made and are destroyed in air by Israel). European Union too followed America in its reaction. What was really heart-rending was the muted rather frigid response of the Muslim world. Once again Arab League and OIC have proved to be paper bodies. They have shown that they are weightless entities, unable to play any meaningful role in the world affairs.
 The people of Kashmir, in spite of finding themselves in deep pain, have registered their protest against Israel terrorism signaling they are a living people, sensitive to human sufferings.

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