The leadership question

India is in search of a genuine leader



Men make history; not the other way around. In periods where there
is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when
courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things
for the better.
Harry S. Truman

Some people are born to lead; some are trained to lead while others are imposed as leaders. India has seen all the verities of bosses in the past and at present it is trying hard for a suitable management to fill in the blanks. That is why Mr.  Rahul Gandhi on way to leadership is  undergoing ‘speech therapy’ much  like the circumstantial  king in Oscar wining movie ,’The king’s speech’.
 Charges of corruption against  congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son in law Mr. Wadra and BJP president Nitin Gadkary has exposed the top brass of the two political organizations beyond conservation. That is why a lot of damage control is being done by both the organizations. In this process a comedian show is being organized with the result we see people like Mr. Ana Hazaray mimicking Gandhi Ji or a hopping sadhu mahraj ‘Baba Ram Dev’ trying to get into the shoes of late Jay Prakash Narayan. The latest brand in the market is the young Shire. Kajrewal with a twisted cap on a conical head giving an impression that clowns too entertain the audience to accentuate the dramatic effect till the real actors come to play the show!
During the feudal times India was ruled by some great monarchs out of whom Mughals have created a history of their own. Akbar for secularism and his political wisdom, Jahangir is known for his justice Shajehan’s times as golden period of Mughal history, Aurangzaib for his modest lifestyle and some are remembered for Taj Mahal in Agra while others for red fort and Jama Masjid in Delhi. Besides that they are known for their great leadership qualities too. Salim who later ruled India as Jehangir was sent to the deserts of Rajasthan to pickup leadership qualities from his Rajput Hindu Uncle Man Singh a great general in Mughal army.  
Freedom struggle in India ‘during its secular’ days gave birth to its worldly  leaders like Gandhi, Jinnah, Jawahar, Azad and many others. Unfortunately post independence gave birth to a bizarre rule that refuses to wind up till date thereby reminding us of the days of monarchy wherein power would descend to the progeny. India is a vast country that has produced thousands of doctors, engineers, lawyers and other academicis from the remotest corners of the state from its cross section of inhabitants irrespective of cast creed or color. These sons of the soil have risen to the zeniths of science and technology, art and other fields of human achievements proving thereby Indian nation has great leadership qualities too. At the same time   one is at a loss to understand as to why the political scenario of the country has always been dominated by people of a unique hue and odor. It seems something has gone wrong somewhere with the result the political leadership has been hijacked by a group of toadies and sycophants. The fault also lies in the projection of the ideologies of secularism and Hinduvata in the pleural society of Indian culture and ethos. Indian National Congress has hijacked the tag of secularism in such a way that it has always left others including BJP in defensive with the result besides Hindu secular vote the minorities are left with no choice but to fill the congress kitty. This phenomenon gave congress a feeling of being an indispensable lot. So the organization was converted in to a business corporate with people like Kalmadies and Krishna in the forefront touching unenviable heights of corruption. At the same time the main opposition party BJP always banked on a hard line Hindu vote hardly realizing that most of the majority community in India are realistic and believe in secularism thereby Indian National congress scored an edge on others by default for none of its virtues. Recent disclosure of Nitin Gadhkaries involvements in fraudulent businesses has put BJP at par with the Indian National Congress. Sadly this trend is bound to continue unless India as a nation realizes that patriotism and true secularism is the only way out. Minorities are its assets and branding them as terrorists is nothing but chasing the myth of, ‘Teray Bin Ladin.’ We also need to realize that corporate interests are stronger than political interests thereby the functionaries of BJP and Congress will have to cover up each other and hush up the charges of corruption in the larger interests of their business establishments.
Coming back to the search of a leader in India as I said jokers also entertain the audience so we need to be ready to watch the comedian show for the coming two years till the real actors come to the stage playing  the same old tricks of the trade. There are strong apprehensions if this practice of law of inheritance in politics is not stopped and the new rules of democracy implemented India is bound to go to the medieval ages of anarchy and lawlessness. Under these tragic circumstances it remains to be seen if a vibrant civil society comes to the rescue of a sick political system of the country.     

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