Last Summer Horror

Women have to rise above their agony and go ahead with great courage and report such events!



Yet another case of physical assault……but this time the victim is someone I know closely, a doctor from an elite family with values inherited through generations.
What example are they setting for the youth of today and their own children?
They kill her in womb   
Burry her alive
They set her ablaze
And if she clears all those stages of her life from birth till marriage she is not secure.
Being a softer, weaker sex she is an easy target……and this time of her in-laws.
My head hangs in shame as I recall this last summer horror and feel the necessity of putting it in words as I am a part of this society and live with an answerable conscience.
As her husband lay on the hospital bed just operated, she was beaten mercilessly in the hospital by her sisters-in-law, in front of her husband and the staff members. The sisters-in-law seemed to have no fears of executing their plans openly. The in-laws again from the so called upper class families of our society who put on sophisticated looks, alas! They are totally the opposite of it, and all this just masks their wicked nature. But here all of a sudden their true nature unveils  showing up the uncivilized brutes within, who abuse, torture, and even kill a daughter in-law. Publically beating their own family member, these women have no shame. Rather they feel proud about it, and the ‘graceful’ mother in-law bucks them up to have taught the daughter-in-law a lesson of lifetime!
What astonishes me the most is that would these people have been able to look up and talk to somebody after this episode? How must have the so called High class society around them reacted? Or did everybody pass a blind eye, pretending that the news did not reach them? But today I want them to react, at least in their minds, even if they are insensitive or weak to handle such a situation.
 And even more important being the fact that what do such people expect for their own daughters after their marriage? I wonder how such venom filled parents raise and interact with their children. We all must remember if we cannot respect our daughters-in-law then how do we expect our own daughters to be respected?
The question in this case is that, even though the female is educated, rich and might have fought many a battle of appreciation in her life, what makes her quite this time? Is it the family honor, or for the sake of her old helpless parents, or may be because of her docile soul mate? Where is this sad and pitiful story going to end ! May be the hope that one day her patience may win over the evils of her in-laws. Or else she might be waiting for the final peace to come, when they put her to rest in her grave.
Why cannot we females raise a voice against these crimes, just because they come from within the family! And the family honor would be a victim if we decide to seek justice! And even if a woman gets the courage to raise her voice and demand justice for the crimes committed against her, she is labeled as “shameless” or “Immature”.
Women have to rise above their agony and go ahead with great courage and report such events!  Make sure that the culprits are punished or at least made public. If only one out of four females reports domestic violence three more will get the courage to fight back. You may not win every battle but at least you will be satisfied to have stood up for your own honor. And if you think that sitting back and gulping the tears of humiliation is called saving family honor ….. Then remember each time you do so one more woman is getting tortured or even killed!

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