The Future of my Faith

There is no need to feel scared



As a modestly practicing Muslim I have never feared that my religion shall be facing either the apprehension or the actual danger of extinction and disappearance from the enormous and colorful arena of the faiths and beliefs. Microscopic elements have always remained at work to promote non tolerance and non accommodation within the followers of different faiths and in that the Muslims also can be absolved neither subjectively nor objectively.  I have a strong feeling that majority of the followers of the diverse faiths including also the Muslims like me must be believing that their respective faiths have no danger from any individual, group, organization, nation or school of thought unless they themselves choose to play into the hands of the microscopic elements mentioned hitherto.
It really pains to notice that Islam, on one hand, and its followers, on the other, are not enjoying identical good opinions even within some such sections of the non-Muslims those in the long run really matter. Islam according to these well meaning persons might be a wonderful code for regulating the human activity but the actual followers to them are simply unacceptable as they, according to them, seem to be promoting extremism, despotism, unrest, suffocation, protectionism and isolation.
 All these terms, as is written all over them, are very exclusive ones. These have nothing to do with the ordinary but majority of the common masses of Muslims. Thankfully any and every ordinary Muslim still continues to choose to help out a non-Muslim ahead of a Muslim where ever the tricky question of this prioritization arises. This is an in-built trait of the predominant majority of the followers of the faith of Islam and indeed it is by default. It shall be highly in the fitness of things and a good step in the direction of promoting co existence and universality if the recently coined out phrase of ‘the Islamists’ by some Europeans is used for an ordinary common Muslim and not for the pro active individuals spearheading some contemporary Muslim centric issues as are easily attracting the attention of the world media.
The predominant majority of the Muslim masses are ever convinced that the protection of their faith shall never necessitate the act of pumping a volley of bullets into a female skull just in its fourteenth spring. Such acts might continue to be carried out in future also. However, the Malala episodes shall certainly be attributed only to the hands of the very small proactive minority in the Muslim community whose perception of the propagation and popularization of Islam as a faith is essentially questionable even within the thinkers of their own faith also.
Certain faiths in the Europe and elsewhere are lucky when they get away with the indiscriminate killings of scores of school children at the hands of their followers. Such acts are always declared as the handiwork of lunatic elements. Islamic scholars and leaders need to courageously contribute towards changing the self assumed but very popular perception of the non-Muslims that Malala episodes are absolutely normal for the protection of the Muslim faith.       
 News of huge numbers in America and Europe converting to Islam has been attracting space in the media. Generally this conversion is well thought out and very conscious. This new addition to the Muslim community shall be playing a major role towards a positive inter faith understanding in the near future and these neo but enlightened Muslims, in all probability, shall clear all the clouds and hurdles in the way of establishing the real image of Islam as a cordial and peaceful code of life. These converts have heard the stories as to how the mission unification or (even) the mission separation of various European and American countries was realized via peaceful modus operandi.
  Since these new embracers of Islam have been socialized in an atmosphere majorly free from war like conditions and the resultant war mentality, it can genuinely be hoped that, in the  first instance, they shall promote the culture of peace and accommodation. If these Muslims emerge as the leaders of the community in the coming times, it must not surprise too many of us too much.

(The author is Principal GDC Boys Anantnag and can be reached at

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