Callous rulers, leaderless masses!

In short a double tragedy for Kashmiris



The “Maharajas” of Kashmir are now on their way with the traditional feudal “Durbar” to enjoy the salubrious climate of Jammu during winter, leaving their wretched subjects to the vagaries of Nature! There is a total disconnect between the daily sufferings of the poor masses and their callous rulers reminding one of the Marie Antoinette of the French Revolution. Probably they don’t know that her hair turned white just after spending a night in the French prison! The government has raised the emoluments of the legislators to a hundred thousand rupees a month and they are being reportedly provided a SUV Bolero for their movements. There is a plethora of other perks being enjoyed by these so called “representatives” of the people while the common masses are losing even the right to have a cylinder of gas to warm themselves or cook their food! People had already given up the hope of ever experiencing the uninterrupted supply of electricity in the near future and were preparing for another harsh winter when the gas tragedy struck them. Incidentally, the way the things are shaping up with mercury touching 3 degrees Celsius during night in the month of October itself, we may have one of the harshest winters experienced in Kashmir in recent years.
The availability and distribution of LPG cylinders has become the most burning issue of the present times. In fact, some outside media channels have been sadistically claiming that Kashmiris want LPG and not “Azadi”! One gets the feeling that some people are bent upon bringing Kashmiris down on their knees economically. In everyday life for all our basic necessities including the power, gas, and umpteen items of food we depend upon outside suppliers. There has been a systematic move over the years to make Kashmir totally dependent on outside supplies as regards the food items of daily use. This enables some vested interests to choke us whenever they like to do so. This was evident during the last mass agitation. In addition, for our energy needs we are now totally crippled. Our callous rulers have been active collaborators in making us totally dependent on outside aid. Neglecting all the important traditional vocations connected with agriculture and its ancillary streams, we have been given the one and only “Dharma” of Tourism. Against all facts of history, we are being told that we have been traditional hosts to Tourists from all over the world and Tourism is the back bone of our economy. There cannot be a bigger lie than that! In ancient Kashmir when it was a sovereign kingdom, very few outsiders were allowed to enter. This is borne out by many historians and travellers of the past. Yes, we have been serving as serfs to the numerous outside rulers who usurped our country from time to time.
The callous rulers always extended lip service to the suffering masses and promised them sky while they themselves enjoy the best of everything in the best of the places. Incidentally, it was reported that a minister had declared that the Divisional Commissioner, the administrative head of the valley would take care of the people in winter while they themselves would enjoy all the goodies across the Bannihal pass. One cannot be more callous than this. The basis of this extreme callousness is the fact that the rulers know that they are ruling not because of the masses but in spite of the masses.
As regards the masses, they are facing the worst tragedy of being leaderless in their daily lives. The new “Damaras”  and the people with not so clean money do not have to bother. They are prepared to buy everything in “black” no matter what the price. Incidentally, an important member of the opposition party mentioned on the Facebook that he too had bought a cylinder in black! It is the poor people who have to face the harshness of the winter. Unfortunately, the leaders claiming to have a mass following do not want to get involved in mundane affairs. They are only proposing to take the people to the ultimate emancipation of which they continue to paint very rosy pictures without outlining the path to reach that heaven of freedom! They themselves do not have to worry as their needs are being looked after by their staunch followers, supporters, and the sympathisers. However, they seem to miss an important reality that political freedom can come only after economic freedom. One has to be economically independent to visualise and dream about the political freedom. If the very physical survival of a person is in jeopardy how can he be sold the dreams of political freedom?
Ultimately, one is forced to conclude that in spite of repeated declarations by certain quarters, some people do not want to give total economic freedom to Kashmiris lest they start thinking about the political freedom. The amount of money required for supplying uninterrupted power, LPG, Kerosene, and all other necessities during the harsh winter would be a miniscule sum compared to the money being spent on security forces, and a host of all other security related matters. By making people suffer for the basic necessities one may attempt to bring them on their knees and force them to what some media people have claimed to say that we want LPG and not Azadi. Even if it is true and people are forced to take such an attitude, it would be only self-deception. Kashmiris have faced such calamities in the past also but have survived because of their resilience and adaptability to adverse circumstances. Historically, mass discontent always breeds a revolution. When the patience of a Kashmiri breaks, his fury has no bounds. At that time, the rulers, the leaders, and all the middle-men and collaborators get swept away like the scum washed away by a tide! One is forced to remind the people trying to bring Kashmiris on their knees about the saying of the illustrious son of Kashmir, Kalhana, “The country of Kashmir may be conquered by the force of spiritual merit, but not by the force of soldiers!” 

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