Connecting to Allah

This day we remember the great sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)


Eid-ul-Adha is the most prominent festival for the Muslims. This festival revives Islamic traditions and refreshes the faith of the Muslims. It is celebrated to remember the sacrifice which Prophet Abraham (AS) offered to obey Allah’s command. This festival is an occasion of supreme happiness because Allah provides us a chance to love each other, express solidarity and importantly, to gain penance for our sins. This day for the Muslims is not only for merry making but a day to celebrate spiritual and religious values. This day reflects that the Muslims avow to sacrifice their wealth, interests, property, time and particularly their life for the cause of Allah. They promise to uphold the traditions, values and beliefs.
    The festival of Eid-ul-Adha is the day of sacrifice (Qurban) which is celebrated immediately after the HAJJ on 10th of Dhil-Hijja to express happiness after the accomplishment of the Holy Pilgrimage to Allah’s House - Ka’ba. The Muslims from 9th of Dhil-Hijja to 13th Dhil-Hijja until Asr Prayer recite special verses (Takbir) to express Greatness of Allah. The central focus of the Hajj is Ka’ba which is Qibla for all the Muslims of the world towards which they bow and pray. The Ka’ba itself is a symbol of unity and fraternity for the Muslims even though they live in divergent corners of the world.
The Quran says nothing about the remote origin of the Ka’ba but it is explicit on the subject of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) as the builder of Allah’s Sacred House. Once the building of Ka’ba was completed, Allah commanded Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to make public proclamation of the pilgrimage to be performed there.
            On the occasion of Eid-ul- Adha, We offer the animal sacrifice to remember the spirit and submission of Hazrat Abraham (AS) towards Allah. Hazrat Abraham (AS) readily accepted Allah’s Command to sacrifice His son Hazrat Ismail (AS) and when he was ready to place his knife on the neck of his son, Allah was pleased with the humility and submission and with His grace and grandeur sent an animal to offer sacrifice.
  The sacrifice reflects that we submit ourselves to Allah and it is a kind of rehearsal for us to prepare for other sacrifices. The sacrifice is not only confined to our wealth and cattle but it involves everything including our life. We cannot please Allah by sacrificing an animal. He is pleased with the character of submission and our obedience to His commands which He has given in the Holy Qur’an. He is pleased with us when we detach ourselves from the evil doings, immoral actions and other irreligious acts. He wants us to sacrifice our comforts and luxuries and take the path of righteousness which may involve difficulties and hazards.

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