The Malala reaction

Who can justify the act, but need is to see beyond



 A murderous attack on  a fourteen year school going  girl from Mangora Swat in Pakistan  can in no way be justified. It is  barbaric and un-Islamic. And should be strongly condemned by all without any reservation. As reported in media, Tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan has owned the responsibility. Brazenly shameful the bullying posture  of the TPP in extracting the ‘glory” and “bravery” out of this dastardly act. As this militant outfit hyphenates itself with the Islam, the liberal and secular forces within  Pakistan and outside have joined in chorus in maligning Islam and Islamic parties. External affairs minister, Hina Rabani, which represents ‘progressive’ face of Pakistan Peoples Party-led government has asked people to decide ‘which way they want to lead the country’ enlightened or retrograde? MQM is another powerful liberal  voice in Pakistan its archduke Altaf Hussain, who keeps enjoying “political asylum” of British government for the last three decades and against whom dozens of criminal charges including murder are lodged in the country has  thundered: ‘this is not an attack on a girl, it is attack on the entire womankind of Pakistan’. Pronouncing his edict from London he urged people in the Pakistan not to attend prayers of clerics and preachers who don’t condemn the attack. The firebrand etno-centric “mahajar” leader directed his party workers to collect the bio data of the non-obeying Imamas  and Khateebs at party offices. Only fascists can have such a threatening demeanor. The “feminists” and the NGOs are bellowing at their highest decibel: ‘we are all Malalas, they can’t do this’. The Pakistan media too seems to be running with the fever, though now it is retreating in the professional cool.’
Mlala episode has featured at a time when Muslim world have hugely and strongly protested against the anti-Islam film. It has also come in the backdrop of Imran Khan led Tehreek Insaf’s march to Wazirstan, who is hopeful of his victory in 2013 general elections in Pakistan, has raised a pitch against innocent civilian killings in indiscriminate deadly drone attacks and  has advocated talks with Taliban. Khan, like other religious parties has maintained that it is American war not Pakistan’s and is detrimental for Pakistan. Also one should not  lose the sight of reopening of corruption file of president Zardari by Pak judiciary and its forcing PP government for writing to Swiss authorities in this regard.
 For lack of public support to launch military operation in North Waziristan, Pakistan  establishment resisted American pressure. The outpouring of anger and grief the Malala incident generated the ‘liberal’ voices in Pakistan are trying to cash on and build the momentum for military action. This is what USA is biding for. Washington is aiming to slit Pakistan in the civil war where it can never pull out.
 TPP, contrary to Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan is, as its ruthless murderous  activities and deadly suicide bombing reveals has anti-Pakistan fixation. While the latter is waging Jihad against foreign occupation in Afghanistan, the former is indulging in fasad (turbulence) in its own country and foolishly cutting the very branch it is perched at. For all its actions the TPP has emerged as the Trojan Horse of the America and other allied forces  in the Big Game that is unfolding
 For ‘liberals’ in Pakistan Malala case provided them opportunity to resurrect their secular agenda and denigrate Islam, but they have never given thought to how the TPP is managing its resources, its intelligence, its supply line. The sophisticated weapons, the meticulously planed operations, the superb intelligence , all show that  it is resourceful and basks under the pride of a big Mammoth across the Durand line
 The high valuable targets and its capability to strike is awesome. At the heart of the Army headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi it has struck. The Kamra air Force Base outside Islamabad , where F16 fighter planes were parked the TPP attacked. Malik Naval Base in Karachi suffered extensive damage  when it raided it.
 The leader of TPP is Mulla Fazlulah. During military operation ‘Rah-e-Najat’ he along with other militant leaders fled to Afghanistan. Since 2007, they are enjoying the hospitality of the US and NATO forces and Afghan government. They are trained, funded and armed there. Many a time Pakistan demanded their extradition but each time their request was turned down. Thus it is not difficult to imagine the forces which are at play to ensnare Pakistan in a web where it will be difficult for it to defend its territory. God help Mumli-kat-e- Khoda Dad!

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Lastupdate on : Fri, 26 Oct 2012 21:30:00 Makkah time
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