‘Her compulsions locked her mouth’



Book: Molale Rishta
Author: Rinku Koul
Price: Rs. 200/=
Pages: 104

The stories in Molale Rishta have a simple plot, yet elegant language, nice lift, existential back up and generally spin around the concerns of displaced community. Dr. Omkar Koul, Ex. Director Central Institute of Indian Languages, Sh. Makhan Lal Pandita storywriter, and Sh. P. N. Koul ‘Sayil’, a poet, have adorned the stories of Rinku Koul. However the fact remains that the author is not at ease in handling the terminations and the ends of the stories. He sticks to complete the stories to the level of stubbornness and leaves nothing for the readers to think over.  But Rinku genuinely deserves additional mark for his tremendous contribution to what is called ‘literature in exile’ through his DTP works on hundreds of the books of Kashmiri Pandit writers and the poets.
Chaer (Sparrow) is unquestionably a master crafted story having a striking substance. One day a sparrow comes to disturb the author and punches the mirror with the beak repeatedly. The author gets annoyed. She comes next day also. Irritation and anger mount. Third day the sparrow visits again with the same plan and the patience of the author runs thin. The sparrow comes again but this time the author tries everything to make her flee forever. He succeeds as the sparrow doesn’t come now. And the climax of the story is built up. The separation of the sparrow haunts the author. He feels her absence. After a break of some days the sparrow comes again and breaks the mirror by dashing it to the ground with her beak. The author comes out shocked to see the bird in a pool of blood. The mirror stands broken and so is broken the heart of the author by the death of the sparrow.
The first story in his surprise book Molale Rishta, Pochh (Guest), involves ‘helplessness’ fused with humour. On his arrival, the guest proves problematic for the author and virtually shatters his peace. On one side the guest taunts the author for negligent driving but on the other side he repeatedly orders to take him to different places on scooter. Snorting of the guest irritates the author and he wants to react but cannot as the guest is his mother’s close relative. In the morning his mother informs him that his close relative has this problem since childhood. Similarly, Dahim Doh (Tenth day), depicts the helplessness of a man in the hands of almighty. It also questions abrupt disconnection of a man with the dead after the pebble or a small stone is kicked behind on the tenth day by his close relative. In Paghach Aash (Hope) Raina Sahab promises to  meet the author. On a fateful day, the author, unfortunately, finds him lying on the ground in a pool of blood due to an accident. Raina’s death puts the author thinking to explore the real meaning and definition of ‘hope’. In khwaab (Dream) the author stands deprived by the pleasures of love and life. He is captivated by the ever smiling face of a girl in a workshop at Patiala. But one day the author finds her thinking deeply in a pensive mood and tries to unfold the reasons behind it. He is stunned to find colossal miseries and anxieties of the girl at her back. ‘How a person with so many tragedies can laugh’, he wonders.  He also wants a positive response from the girl but hears the latest news of the girl’s sister who is suffering from brain tumour. The girl departs to see her sister and the author understands the answer:
Her eyes reflected her answer. But her compulsions had locked her mouth.
Contrary to the conjecture of this reviewer, Rinku Koul has interlaced the title story Molale Rishta (Valuable Relations) on a simple plot. A person loses his purse somewhere. The finder of this purse informs through his father about the purse and tells the owner to collect it after proper verification. After getting the purse back, he tries to give the finder a reward of Rs 1000 which he refuses. The simple purse creates new bonds between the two families and leads to a nuptial knot of the daughter of the owner with the finder of the purse. In Gonah (sin) Shamsondar loses his sleep due to missing of Rs 500 note. Early in the morning, he tries to trace it along the routes and shops he had visited earlier. In search of five hundred rupees he meets an accident and lands into a hospital. His wife, after examining his cause of unrest for two days, reveals that she had taken a Rs 500 note from his purse to give him a birthday gift. 
Surprisingly and against the hope, Rinku Koul,  uses typical Kashmiri words like moj (mother), damdari peth (sill), choka (kitchen), vetraavaan (bear), kharai (welfare), dudda poch (unwelcome guest) etc which the displaced KP youth generally don’t know.
Molil Rishta is the first endeavor of the young author and opens an opportunity for him to be stably footed on the established literary platform.

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