Stop whining

Are we always complaining or we have been nurtured with a tendency to shift our responsibility to others?



For the last few decades of political turmoil when there had been no recourse to justice and the genuine political and social grievances fell flat, the attitude of complaints and counter complaints was bound to grow according to social analysts. The research study into the changing mindset of the people in the conflicting zones identifies the growing social indiscipline and malaise in the strife torn communities. Socio-Political scientists call it a "deliberate creation of anarchy" or "manufacturing of mass dissent" so that people are entangled into a web of induced un-social and immoral issues which force them to forget about the core issue. The social chaos is meant to tear off the fabric of the value based society.
Looking around the political, social or economic environment of the state that is passing through the phase of anarchy at the moment, not a single institution has got liberty to work smoothly or cater to the public without "invisible" hindrances. Its impact can be felt on the Kashmiri society which is changing fast without any check and balance, not even us noticing it. The social and economic life has deliberately been made hostage to the political issue, under the guise of which the "invisible forces" have succeeded to infiltrate the society. Thus, criminal and immoral activities are getting justified and recognised at community level.
Kashmir has always been a value-based society where respect, home, community and women matter the most. Life can be compromised but not the basic values of traditional culture. There used to be a mere presence of drugs, prostitution or other criminal forces in the past but frequent murders, acid attacks, burglary or flesh trade at an alarming rate was hardly heard of. Like other Eastern cultures, woman is still the queen of the house and so is the man the head of the family. Daughter is to be married with the consent of the parents so is the divorce the last "forced option" left for the couple. Druggy has no respect anywhere in the community and so is the prostitution forbidden subject to talk in the family.
In the growing corporate and metro culture around us, the concept of the community has undergone a tremendous change with fatal blow to "home and family" where relation or respect is measured now on the basis of the earnings or assets. Friendship, relations or marriages have become subject to wealth or influence in the society. The lust for easy money is eating the core of the basic unit of home.
In this information and technological world, the nations, cultures or communities influence each other and cannot prevent the impact of other communities. Any trivial event happening in the remote corner of the world not only reaches to our home but touches our lives without us being taking serious notice of it. We cannot escape the influence but can protect the community from becoming criminalised.
Kashmir is bit different from the rest of the world. The political and economic growth and development has been slow and it has been monitored, measured and prevented to reach the heights. Reasons are best known to those elements who are keen to keep count of our breaths we take during the day. Attempts are made to induce those changes in our society which can break us to no point of reformation. The people are forced to get busy in sorting basic issues of electricity or water, stay in cue for long hours outside the office for petty grant of two thousand rupees or walk from pillar to post to get released the teenage boy for petty offence, with the result the growing problems of drugs, prostitution, crime in the community get ignored.
We all realize that something has gone wrong with our community. We are stuck in "political gambling" but move faster towards the destruction due to which we are losing home, family, respect and institutions. Yet, we keep our eyes shut and blame each other for this societal degradation.
Our mosques and shrines are the most visited places where people of all walks of life come, sit and pray. The Friday prayers are meant to have huge gatherings at the sacred places so that people get chance to look deep into the collective issues of community and find solutions with mutual consensus. Unfortunately, most of the Clerics hardly touch any community problem or feel responsible for the chaos in the society. So, Islam is not followed in its real spirit though claims of being Muslim majority state is made with loud cry.
Those nations or communities who behave like ostriches placing their heads under the sand and intentionally put lid on collective conscience, are doomed to die and disappear. And, we are one of them because we feel shame in speaking our mother tongue, we do not cherish our culture, we hate our attire, look down our own customs and ridicule the talent of our own people. On the contrary, we are the people who feel pride in imitating or copying others, respect invaders, adopt alien cultures and behave when disciplined by outsiders. Dozens of historical examples can be quoted when outsiders were called to come and rule us with iron fist.
The historians and social scientists including Sir Walter Lawrence or other travelers visiting the valley have analysed our behaviour in the past. We have not let go off the branding they have done for us. Our behaviour has not changed much and we are still wearing the cloak of being called "Kashur chu pardaruk"... Then, blame others for our misfortunes or misdeeds.....and the saga continues.....

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