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What we need to do to make things get better



Quality in healthcare  organization is never an accident, but an integrated care arising out of disciplined team effort in an accountable system  defined by its policy procedures, job descriptions  and responsibilities under the constant  vigil of dedicated administrators. There’s an old saying in emergency medicine: "Don’t just DO something, STAND there." In other words, sometimes leaping into the fray without careful thought can result in wasted effort, or even make matters worse. We need to improve an operation's effectiveness, to get everyone committed in a new direction. DMAIC is the key. (the acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control).

Making System Accountable.
Inadequate regulations undermine health care. For monitoring  activity in any healthcare organization (Private  or  Governmental ), a quality  system of supervision and control of all activities  is needed in order to detect and correct any undue deviation from pre-defined norms of Performance Standards and expectations. Every duty-holder, section  or organization’s heads   are  held accountable for failure to meet these standards. What to do, if you find your hospital/employee is not meeting standards set by  the  competent Authorities ?.The seriousness of the non-compliance needs strict enforcement. You can't manage what you don't measure. -an old management adage holds good even today. Unless you measure something you don't know if it is getting better or worse. Thus accountability process will help you know what to measure and how? The goal is to ensure optimal health care, patient safety, and satisfaction. We must avoid duplications and errors arising  from the overuse, under-use or misuse of hospital resources. Strict compliance  at every level and position is badly required.
Perfection versus excellence-- Do No More Harm; Health care is a risk prone, specialized service with high expectations, bound to encounter problems. Knowing your source of risk is critical, picking  up errors before their actual occurrence (near misses) is excellence. To protect  system  from inflicting harm or an  abuse, we have to pick things early before they inflict actual harm. To achieve this goal, we need to encourage and incorporate non punitive voluntary error reporting system called ;  OVA ( Occurrence , Variation, Accidents, Sentinel events. The real  RCA (Root  Cause Analysis) by 5 Why approach  should eliminate causes of recurrence  by pointing  towards a process that is not working well or does not exist.
(Dr Fiaz Fazili is Acute care Surgeon and  Chapter Leader for JCI accreditation and  works on Health care Quality improvement and Standards.)

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