JK energy on Coals

Thermal substitute for hydroelectric power. No win strategy for J&K, win win for national grid

Dr. Javid Iqbal

Imagine a state rich in hydroelectric resources being asked to use coal instead of water to generate electricity. JK energy may not be taken to be only proverbially on coals, the energy sector has virtually shown a willingness to get on coals, with reports of setting-up of 1300 MW coal driver thermal More

Raiyih Padshah!

The king of ants explains the whole story about dynastic kingdom


There is a well-known Kashmiri saying about someone being a “Raiyih Padshah” or the Ants’ King! It is said about a person who does not have to work but just live on others’ toil. The Kingdom of Ants is a very interesting set up. The Ants do not have a King but a Queen. The only job of the Queen is More

We the ‘Rumor Mongers!

Decades have passed but we still carry this attribute. Strange!


Kashmir has the privilege of having a recorded history spread over many thousand years. And most of these historic chronicles are full of oppression and exploitation with few patches of prosperity and peace. Under the influence of unbridled power most rulers, their cronies and some travelers have More

Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare

What we need to do to make things get better

Dr Fiaz Fazili

Quality in healthcare  organization is never an accident, but an integrated care arising out of disciplined team effort in an accountable system  defined by its policy procedures, job descriptions  and responsibilities under the constant  vigil of dedicated administrators. There More

  • Kashmir

PM’s special scholarship scheme for JK in doldrums

Only 663 Beneficiaries Since 2011, HE Dept To Seek Extension


Srinagar, Apr 24: The special scholarship scheme for the students hailing from Jammu and Kashmir announced by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proved to be a damp-squib.    The dismal More

  • Srinagar City


3 years on, Govt discovers City centre chocking; starts demolition of park


Srinagar, Apr 24: What started amid hype as “revival of lost glory” by the ruling coalition –the Lal Chowk Beautification –has proved wastage of Rs two odd crores with state government finally discovering More

  • Jammu

JK Govt approves Rs 15 cr child mortality reduction plan

Jammu, Apr 24: Jammu and Kashmir government on Wednesday approved an action plan worth Rs 15.36 crore under the 13th Financial Commission to bring down the child mortality rate in the state. The plan More

  • South Asia

6.2-magnitude quake shakes Pakistan


Islamabad, Apr 24: A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake today shook the Pakistani capital and many northern parts of the country though there were no immediate reports of casualties, officials said.  More

  • World

Over 100 killed in Bangladesh building collapse


Dhaka, Apr 24: Over 100 people were killed and 800 others injured today when an eight-storey commercial building that housed several garment factories and thousands of workers collapsed on the outskirts More

  • GKeducation&career

Battling for survival

Survey depicts Kashmiris are gradually losing their mother tongue



Mother tongue is considered to be the essence and identity of a nation and its citizens. Irrespective of different places of their birth, religion and cultural moorings, children learn their mother tongue More

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