The specter of `collective conscience'

It's a bottomless pit. More lives you feed to it, hungrier will it feel. History speaks



What a travesty, in the name of justice, the highly flawed theory of 'collective conscience of the society” has been invoked. What is 'collective conscience of the society', who defines it, is it more sacrosanct than the idea of fairness of the justice itself? What happens in case the exigencies of fair justice differs with that of 'collective conscience of the society”? When has been a conscience of a given society effective enough to restrain the imperialistic designs? Actually 'collective conscience of the society' is nothing but handmaiden of a state. History is replete with numerous instances of war, and genocide carried in the name of 'collective conscience of the society'.
In Myanmar, hapless Rohingas are being prosecuted. They are butchered and uprooted, on what pretext? To satisfy the collective conscience of the society? The incident of 9/11 challenged invincible military might of America. In retaliation but primarily to satisfy the 'collective conscience' of American people, a relentless and unforgiving war was waged against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Some three thousands or more innocents perished in the terrorist incident of 9/11. So far tens of thousands have died in the war of vengeance to satisfy the collective conscience of a society.  And before that the erstwhile USSR had declared a war against Afghans that too was to satisfy the 'collective conscience” of Communists all around the world.
    Sinhaleese majority of Sri Lanka very recently carried genocide of struggling Tamils in the name of maintaining the territorial integrity of tiny island nation. While the international conscience kept quiet, Tamils were ruthlessly massacred. However the collective conscience of the Sinhaleese majority seems to be greatly satisfied. The Muslims of Chinese- occupied East Turkestan and Tibetan population are reeling under a worst possible repression. This subjugation is also going-on, merely to satisfy the collective conscience of the Chinese Majority.  Gaza has been turned into a collective prison; Israel is still busy in a land-grab and an entire nation has been exterminated from Palestine. This worst possible and unabated occupation is endorsed rather forcefully by the collective conscience of Israeli society. Lo and behold, the horrible atrocities committed against the Jews in Europe during the World War 11, were in-effect carried out just to satisfy the collective conscience of Nazi Germany. America nuked Japan half a million perished, was it not to satisfy the collective conscience of the Americans? Thousands of Korean and Chinese women were turned into sex slaves by Japanese invading armies, did that bring any burden on the collective conscience of that society? 
America presently is the only imperialist power. Does this not immensely satisfy the collective conscience of the American citizens? Europeans presently behave as paragon of freedom, till recently Europe had colonised almost all the world. On whose behalf nearly entire community of nations was subjugated, other than the collective conscience of the European society? British subjugated India. Tipu Sultan also known as the Tiger of Mysore was killed by the British, was it not only to extend the British rule? In the first war of freedom, in 1857 thousands of freedom fighters were found hanging on the trees, was this atrocity not carried out to satisfy the collective conscience of British Empire? The three revolutionaries; Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru dared to challenge the British yoke; consequently they were dubbed as terrorists. Were they not hanged to satisfy the so called collective conscience of the Empire?  For that matter was not Omar Mokhtar hanged by the Italian Fascists also in the name of collective conscience? How many native Indians have been hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of the White Americans; is there any count? 'On December 26, 1862, the Great Emancipator-- President Lincoln--- ordered the largest mass execution in American History”.   Majority of the Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified; this too was to satisfy the collective conscience of the Roman Empire?
Some amongst us may feel that it’s time to write an obituary, for what? It’s time to celebrate the emergence of a Hero. A man was executed; a saviour of the nation has appeared.  Justice condemned the 'menace to be extinct’. Mercifully the executioners discovered him to be a pious soul. He hugged the martyrdom with a smile, he proved to be a courageous man. The last laugh of the salve really mocked the face of tyranny.  There was already an empty grave waiting for the return of the fallen hero; a fresh one has been dug for another hero. The wretched of the earth have discovered a hero to follow and admire. They claim, unless nation wins a war, the fallen heroes will not return. No matter what, the people are determined for the return of the fallen soldiers.  Instead of grieving, nation should thank the state for rejuvenating the cause.
Meanwhile there has to be only a contempt and nothing else against a system that denies the dead a right to be buried decently. Pity the power that’s afraid of a corpse. Long live Afzal Guru, certainly your death has made the people proud; you won the war in your death that will surely sustain the hope. Where is the time for any despair?  Who says that we are a hopeless nation?  
An ordinary mortal when determined enough to live beyond his death; is it possible to kill that elevated soul? May his soul rest in peace, amen.

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