The tree I heard weeping

These lifeless objects talking about life was an enlivening experience



“ My life is now meaningless……….I don’t want to live any longer, errrr,errrrr,errrr…………… there is no ambition, no direction and no purpose……… trust me it is frustrating, it makes me cry!”
Who was that talking? Was I imagining things? Was that someone in the distance, someone I couldn’t see? Is she talking to me?
It was 21st of January. Bright but cold wintry day. The sun was shinning light but emitting no heat. A crisp blanket of Chinar leaves covered the ground making crackling rhythmic sounds under the weight of my footsteps as I made my way between trees of various types, sizes and ages. Most of them were naked ready to welcome the new season.
I looked skyward. The voice I heard was coming from above my head. I wasn’t imagining I was one of the lucky few who are able to hear the nature speak. It was an extraordinary experience, a very special day for me. What I had heard was the voice of the Baadami. She was talking to the Doon.
The Almond tree was known by the name of Baadami within the orchard. It was her 56th birthday. The larger than life Walnut tree named Doon was there to greet her and bless her with a long life. The words that I had heard were the words of the Baadami to Doon’s birthday greeting.
Comforting Baadami, Doon replied “There is no use crying over spilt milk as past has fled beyond recall. Nature has snatched our owner from us and no matter how much we cry……….we beg he is never going to come back”.
Doon blissfully began to recall some of the great memories from their past to cheer up Baadami’s mood, so he began.
Involving Baadami, Doon asked, “Do you remember the recommendation letter which our owner had bought from the concerned officer so that he could own us and plant us in his orchard?”
Baadami quickly added, “of course, that day was the most beautiful day of my life as I was owed by the loveliest person who loved me even more then his life”.
Doon thought of the day when they were planted. “Every member from our owner’s family helped each other in planting us. They watered us and took all possible care which was required at that moment”. Baadami added, “The next 15 years were our lives most delightful years as we were pampered like a kid and were given unconditional love irrespective of the fact that we won’t be able to bear anything for the next 15 years”.
“I still remember how poor our owner was but still he used to invest a lot of money on us because he knew that if he would work hard on us today he can rely on us tomorrow for all his needs”. Said Doon proudly
With tears in his eyes Doon remembered the day when they borne the first fruit – God'! How excited our owner was. He had called all his nears and dears to his orchard to celebrate the day when we had borne the first fruit”. “I still remember little girls hugging me and taking photographs around me while some were busy tasting your fruit others were discussing the future course.” Said Baadami happily.
Doon added “I also remember how we had bid farewell to his elder daughter on the occasion of her marriage and how he was proudly done with his responsibility and also the day when he replaced his hay roof with a tin roof.” Baadami proudly recalled that how he acted like a father to these kids and shouldered all their responsibility along with their father. She fondly remembered “every small need of theirs like educational tours, books, clothes, school fees were all given by me”.
Baadami said “Do you remember the day when our owner conducted a special spiritual gathering in his orchard because he needed money for his son’s higher education and prayed to god for a good fruit?” Doon quickly recapitulated and said “of course, I do ehhh……..Do you remember the good times when the entire family used to come to meet us on Sundays and  used to play mischievous games around us…remember? Their elder brother used to eat our fruit secretly and then used to put the blame on his younger sister….and the day when our owner asked his youngest daughter to pick up a chit because they weren’t able to decide what to buy with that years money and finally ended up with buying a car,?”
Baadami replied, “Yes, I do. I also remember the color of the car. It was black right?”
Doon patted Baadami on her back. He said laughingly, “you don’t need to eat almonds you already have got a very sharp memory”
Baadami replied, “I guess we need to give them to our owner’s son as he has forgotten all our favors. He has forgotten the bad times when we had to live without our owner for 3 years as our fruit was sold to an unknown person because his father needed money for his surgery”. Doon replied, “All that we had with us during that period was the immense love and the fond memories of our owner that compelled us to live our lives. Of course, returning  to him was the most joyous moment we ever had”.
Baadami recalled a day with tears in her eyes “I still remember the day when forces of nature were all against us and hailstones had destroyed us completely and our owner’s family asked him to sell us as soon as possible but he was clear with his thoughts and knew that it was his responsibility to bring us back into good health.GOD! I had become so ugly but my owner’s treatment made my skin glow once again”
Doon added “I do remember how the field rats used to disturb me and destroy all my roots. Really! My owner played a cat to these rats and left no stone unturned to save me. His pedicure! It really worked”
Taking a deep sigh, Baadami prayed “God give every tree an owner like him”.
Doon added depressingly, “ But No father should get a son like him as he trampled his fathers dream by establishing a brick kiln on his father’s land which offers him although less, but an easy source of money. He not only destroyed what his father created but also left hundreds of birds, nests and insects homeless.”
To lighten up the mood Baadami replied, “Doon, you are lucky enough that you will be at least cast into furniture after your death but I am really scared as I heard that I will be burnt in a Hammam during winters”
Doon said in an ironic tone “Well, no doubt he was able to destroy us my friend and left us to die……….although unconsciously but ……….. Our ashes will continue to serve him”.
I did not know what to say nor did I know how to react they had left me speechless all I could do was to walk up to Baadami & touch her trunk; the WETNESS of her truck revealed a lot to me which only few people are able to hear. This incident changed my perspective towards nature and made me a nature lover.

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