Communicating to dead

Let all souls rest in peace, no matter what we write



When  some near or dear one dies, it pains those who are left behind. If the human memory had not been designed by almighty God in the manner it is, the whole world would have come to a grinding halt long ago. Shock of death of father, mother, brother, sister, son, wife or daughter would have crushed the left behind relations. He has designed and destined his world in a different manner which he only knows the best. That is how despite grave shocks of life one continues to live after sustaining the shock of some ones death who is too dear and near one till his own turn to leave this world comes around.
Despite this human mechanism to adjust inspite of shocks of life, one still can not be oblivious to the fact that dear and near ones who pass away are still in their mind. They are always remembered on such occasions particularly when their date of death comes on every year or any special occasion comes to ones mind which is associated with the deceased.
While remembrance is associated with respect one has towards the deceased, yet same can be demonstrated either by giving charity in the name of the deceased or by organising Fateh Ceremony etc (IN CASE OF A MUSLIM). For some time past I have experienced a unique trend in the news papers in which letters are addressed to th deceased. While notifying the death of some one through Rasm Chaharam is a healthy trend. Ones relations, friends, acquaintances, colleagues come to know about the unfortunate happening and are able to pay their condolences to discharge their social and religious obligations who otherwise would not be able to do so unless they have other sources of information in this regard. Yet the new trend of writing letters to the deceased in news papers is nothing short of hypocrisy to my mind. When one writes dear Abba Jan you don't know how much we miss you or Do you know I have never slept since you have left etc does not the writer know that this letter will be never delivered to the deceased not to talk of being read by the deceased. Most of the deceased must have left this world as illiterates and in the opinion of the writer of the letter they seem to have become automatically literates in the other world. It is a known fact that these letters if at all read are read by general public who have absolutely neither any interest in the said letters nor with the deceased then why write them is nothing but the show of hypocrisy when the writer knows for certain that the letter will neither be delivered nor read by the deceased to whom it is addressed.
If I am not mistaken neither till date their is any postal service or courier service to the next world, be it hell or heaven. Nor is any address of the said place known so that said letters could be addressed and delivered to the deceased then why are they written in the first instance that too in direct sentences addressed to the deceased. Paying ones respects by way of remembrance in any other reasonable and logical form can not be denied or disputed but this hypocritical method of writing letters to my mind which can never be delivered or read by the deceased is something which looks quite illogical hence not desirable method to show your respects for the deceased.
No matters who write what to whom we pray let all souls rest in peace.

(B.A. Bashir  is Sr.Advocate)

Lastupdate on : Tue, 5 Feb 2013 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Tue, 5 Feb 2013 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Wed, 6 Feb 2013 00:00:00 IST

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