The art of parenthood

For a successful growth of our children we need to learn that



Life is a challenge!  We need time to handle it. It requires time to sustain a relationship, develop a carrier, maintain health and experience internal tranquility. We have deadlines, commitments and obligations in our jobs and we need time to accomplish them. Now the question arises. Do we have time for this entire thing? Can we have more time and grow it? Absolutely not; the reason why the day has remained only 24 hours long. In the past, things were not so pressing; there were only two times on the minds of people, one was the morning time and the other was the evening time. Today time has been divided and dissected not only into seconds but micro, nano and Pico seconds. We just have to learn the management of time. Our existence has become mechanical and we are mindless about our ultimate possessions.
The man has become the tool of his own tools. In this baffling scenario of time paucity, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to find time for their children. They don’t have time to go out together for a stroll, picnic or shopping. These things have no priority for today’s parents. What once used to be home has now turned into a hotel, where members of the family come together to sleep. Isolated through conflicting schedules, sometimes members do not see each other for days. Parents arrive home long after their young children are asleep and children leave for school long before their parents wake up. Such a situation is potentially disastrous for both parents and their children. Parents miss the joys of playing with their own children and watching them grow up. Children miss the joy of a mother’s cuddle and a father’s playful pranks. Today’s child fails to receive moral and ethical guidance which can not be taught effectively elsewhere. The primary responsibility of giving moral guidance lies with our parents. One mother can do more than one hundred teachers. A child has an implicit faith in his or her mother. Mother gives him or her everything like food, clothes, toys, joys and protection and he understands that dad takes care of his mother. This is why a child believes almost anything a parent with love and affection teaches him or her. When the child observes his parents faithfully practicing what they preach, the message goes straight to the deepest recesses of their souls where it remains embedded for the rest of their lives. They never forget those teachings. No one can replace parents. They are the greatest teachers ever created. Nurturing is what they do best. No nurse, crèches or day keeper can replace them. Blood is thicker than water. Parents need be visible to their children. Out of sight is out of mind. If they cannot see you, you do not even exist. One of my friends, a very busy person lamented and conveyed to me that his own kids have started calling him by uncle. That is what can happen when we don’t pay attention to this most wonderful blessing of parenthood. We need to give our children direction, momentum and most importantly meaning. Most people today have the means to live but no meaning to live for. Meaning gives life purpose and has a sense of moral duty. It churns better humans out of you. Remember there is only one beautiful thing for you and that is your child and luckily every parent has it. Ask those who do not have a child. Adjust your busy schedules, reserve time for your children, spend more time with them, love them, feed them, teach them and importantly give them spiritual and social outlook on life. Let us learn this art of parenthood. Good day!

(The author is consultant Laparo-endoscopic and Minimal access surgeon Govt. Medical College Srinagar)

Lastupdate on : Thu, 7 Feb 2013 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Thu, 7 Feb 2013 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Fri, 8 Feb 2013 00:00:00 IST

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