Culture of Kashmir

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Oct 8 2014 4:19PM | Updated Date: Oct 10 2014 1:23PM
Culture of Kashmir

Gaffara Tour & Travels offers you a glimpse into the culture and traditions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The state has a rich cultural heritage and has a wealth of ancient literature, language, religion, arts, crafts and music. Tours and travel to the state of Kashmir offers you an opportunity to feel the rich and deep-rooted ancient tradition in the Indian culture.
Infact, the people of Kashmir have made significant contribution in the fields of story telling, poetry, philosophy, sciences, etc. The handicrafts of Kashmir like Pashmina shawls, papier-mâché products, silk carpets, woodwork, etc are admired throughout the world. Celebrations and festive activities during festivals offer an important diversion to the simple and monotonous lifestyle of these people. The festivals that are celebrated with great fervor include, Id-ul-fitr, Diwali, Hemis festival, Navratras and the Loshar festival. Tours and travel to the state of Kashmir gives you a chance to see a secular Indian tradition where the people of different religions celebrate their colorful festivals with gusto and enthusiasm.
The houses in the area usually have a lot of woodwork; as a result the interiors are very warm. The brick houses have pagoda roofs and picturesque facades.
The Lifestyle of the local people is quite slow in the old city. The waterways and shikaras are the best way of going into the interiors of the old city. Women are very enterprising, they sell food items, flowers and handcrafted items on their floating markets. Kashmiris use willow baskets for carrying essential items from one place to the other. There are a number of open-air markets in the old city. Here visiting tourists have the pleasure of buying all the traditional Kashmiri spices and food items. Tours and travel to the state of Kashmir also tempts you to shop in the open air markets in the old city where one is likely to find all those traditional items that are used in the kitchens of these simple people.