Is she free?

Woman's struggle for freedom is long and eventful



From the very beginning she has been fighting for her rights, has the society given her what she rightfully deserves?
"When women are the advisor, the Lords of creation don't take the advice till they have persuaded themselves that it is just what they intended to do; then they act upon it and if it succeeds, they give the weaker vessel half the credit of it; if fails, they generously give herself the whole".- Louisa May Alcott
We are in an age when woman is unshackling herself from the role that society had assigned her from the times immemorial. She is at the turn of a paradigm shift in her growth in the world. She is not only in the process of discovering herself but has already climbed the ladder and is more than half way through to her destination.
Some may disagree with my description of’ unshackling herself’ as woman has more or less in many areas surpassed men, yet fact remains such territories are few and far between.  Women continue to be a second fiddle to men and more importantly men refuse to concede equal ground to her. She is pushed aside as being the weaker sex. Hurdles are put in her way on the basis of her gender. She is still used as a good thing to further different businesses.
 Women have shown some remarkable capabilities in the past leaving indelible imprints on-the sands of- time. History is witness to some outstanding women whose contribution cannot be brushed under the carpet or give the lighter vein to. She has been a warrior, a ruler, a leader. Yet the irony of our times is that the gender based discrimination - a deep rooted malice- has not gone away with time.
In our context women have generally been looked upon as home-makers and man a provider. Roles have reversed and a woman is performing both. She is working and yet raising her family to the best of her ability.
I would like to go in the history when women were treated as non-entity. Different regions would mete out different treatments to her. For example, in France, they were considered as half soul creatures responsible for destruction of society. In Japan men would not marry whereas in China they were considered her as devil’s soul. In early Roman society they were treated as chattel. As known to one and all, before the advent of Islam women were buried alive as she was considered a sign of disgrace. In this way, she was deprived of her due place in society. This belief was validated by saying that men are stronger and more capable, thus they are more qualified for important roles in the society. Therefore women were forced to accept inferior roles and were led to believe that they are incapable to excel educationally, politically, economically and domestically. However the fact of the matter is that women have gone forward in all those areas and done commendably well.
Even in arts and literature women were portrayed in inferior light. They were shown as manipulated by men. Most of the Shakespearean works would send mixed signals about her empowerment. In our times when the slogan of women empowerment is being discussed and a lot of work is already underway in this direction, men have not given up on unleashing their aggression on women
The violence against women has been permanent in every age. The case in point is the recent incident in which four men raped an innocent woman and later brutally assaulted her. How can it be described is beyond words?
So the need is to understand the whole concept of womanhood so that women are given the respect they command.

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