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Is this the way to educate our young generation?

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The horrible dastardly act of acid throwing on an innocent woman has expectedly caused a deep stir in the society. The widespread condemnation is indicative of the fact that how extremely perturbed Kashmiri society found itself, once it was confronted with an atrocious act committed against a hapless woman. Yet a mere censure howsoever severe is not enough. This beastly act should act as a wake-up call for the entire society.
The so called tuition centres have appeared like chicken-pox in the length and breadth of the state. Yes indeed mushroom growth of tuition centres is like a plague. This disease has to be treated and not merely regulated as if it is an anomaly and not a serious social hazard. Cramped rooms and overcrowded tuition centres demanding hefty fees is not the real problem. The emergence of the tuition culture itself points out to the break-down of the entire education system in the state.  Moreover it once again brings to fore the macabre reality that how severely the commercialism of every aspect of life here has besieged our already fast-depleting value systems.                    
Our great penchant for short-cuts has cut us really short. It’s truly a shameful sight to see thousands of apparently highly qualified Ph.Ds and M.Scs madly jostling for a peon’s job.  Do our otherwise well-educated youth have so a low opinion about their educational capabilities that they are forced to opt for fourth class government employment? In the age of over-commercialisation (despite lately many benefits including pension being withdrawn for the fresh entrants) for us a government job still remains to be the first choice.  Government employment that doesn’t require much toil is considered to be a time tested formula for becoming rich overnight.  In this age of cut-throat competition wherein thousands apply even for a menial job, it’s widely understood that without a decent educational background grabbing a lucrative employment is simply impossible.  So education is in great demand that’s the reason why we are witness to a tremendous growth of educational institutions, its simple case of demand and supply.  
The growth of education is the real key for the moral, spiritual and economic empowerment. There can never be a greater blessing than education; we all know that the first word revealed to the holy Prophet SAW is Iqra-read. On the face of it, it so heartening to see parents migrating to cities from far-flung areas of the state, leaving behind their mansions in villages and residing in tiny rented accommodation, only to provide better educational facilities to their children. Had it been genuine, this amazing consciousness towards education would have ushered a real revolution, what we dream for a change. Alas the more we light the lamps, darker it gets. This is not the quest for real education. All energies are simply driven towards building careers. Our educational institutions churn-out professionals in great numbers.  Still how many of them possess human qualities is a big question mark? Literate we may be, but are we educated also? Informed we all are, how many amongst us can be described in real sense as wise? With the spread of literacy, indeed we feel economically empowered but are we not morally and spiritually more deprived today? Who are the teachers who run these tuition centres?  Those teachers only who at first place fail to educate our children in the schools and colleges. If they fail in school to impart healthy education how can they be expected to succeed in a shabby tuition centres? It is not difficult to discern the level of education being imparted in dingy rooms. Up to 100 boys and girls of very volatile age group crammed in small rooms passed-on instructions on loudspeakers, what kind of education is this? Our education system already is too mechanical that in the onset it obliterates the creative thought processes of a learner.
Above all, these tuition centres further inculcate the route learning methods simply enabling to pass the exams only. Are these coaching centres not busy producing duff and dumb with very least awareness about even the basics of life?  Yet we feel compelled to hire their services that too at a much higher a price, because we wish our children to be doctors, engineers and what not. Yet we hardly bother about whether our children are to grow as decent human beings.
Generalisation is unfair, but anybody who has experienced the way the young students behave outside the tuition centres will bear testimony to the fact that, if this is the way how our next generation is being groomed, all is not well with the future of this land. The need of the hour is to reform the education system in way that the quality education should ultimately sap the craving for coaching centres. Our education system should be basically oriented towards producing good human stuff. An upright person will certainly be a good professional; similarly an ill-mannered person will only prove to be a bad doctor.  
What kind of society will there be? Well, it solely depends over the fact that what kind of teacher this society is able to produce. In case everybody including a teacher who is thought to be the builder of a society has become corrupt, who will bring out the society out of this morass?

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