Sincerity is all

Here lies the pivot of the whole goodness



Somewhere I have read how al -Susi, a great mystagogue, defined sincerity very uniquely. He said   “The act that is truly sincere is one that is known neither by any angel to record it nor by any devil to corrupt it and nor by the soul to take pride in It”.  For those who believe in God it implies that a sincere act is always for the sake of pleasing God.  Given the fact that a considerable number of the human beings rule out the existence of one or many gods, what shall be an atheist doing a sincere act for?
Human beings are an ample evidence to establish that their Creator loved diversity and colorfulness. The diversity in the behaviors, manners, likes and passions of various human beings is awesome as well as astonishing. In the context of this write up, we may, for example, focus upon the divergence of motive within a set of human beings in doing the noble acts of goodness and gallantry.
  Some humans are ice cool while performing any good act of any magnitude. They never bother about the acknowledgement of their good work by others. To them this is a plain, unexcitable and ordinary usual phenomenon.  Others also volunteer to do noble acts of social service, offering of an extra prayer of worship to God or giving of something in charity to someone in distress. However they   are obsessed and in fact experience restlessness and a strange suffocation if their acts are not noticed and accordingly appreciated.  Yet another brand of human beings comes forward to contribute toward any good only when their literal gains of appreciation as well as the material returns of profit are guaranteed. 
A crucial question comes to one’s mind.  Is it really very difficult, if not actually impossible to carry out a good work for the sake of only ones personal satisfaction? Most of us and, I consciously avoid saying all of us, are generally tempted to see that our good acts come to be known to fetch us a small or a big appreciation. Muslims have been, as a commandment of their faith, taught “not to let their left hands know about the charity their right hands indulge in”. It, therefore should not have been difficult for one of us to keep a secret of how secretly he, on a cold day, donated his sweater to some needy poor orphan or how, on some festive occasion, he made a blood donation to save a child’s life. What tempts us to put across the information of our good deeds to, at least, our close ones - friends, spouse or  children?
Sincerity is all about silence and secrecy. It is about telling nothing to the world that fails to appreciate your noble intentions. It is also about secretly shedding your tears on how the world misunderstood you. It is a sort of self denial that leads to a fullness of the soul and spirit. As some melodies are sweeter if un-sung similarly all the good deeds remain beautiful if their secret adores their doer’s soul and spirit alone.
 People argue in favour of good deeds getting publicized so that others also are encouraged and motivated towards performing the acts of nobility. However for that the subject (doer of thee good act) should not become his own spokesman.  If at all needed, that should be left to the actual beneficiary of a good deed.
Certain rare human beings might be born with greatness. Those apart, It requires a lot of emancipation for a human being to come to a stage when he starts doing each good thing without being worried for the public gaze and attention on his act. He, instead, indulges in the acts of nobility purely for the sake of his personal satisfaction. Such individuals develop the naïve but spiritual thirst of the applause and appreciation of their very own conscience. They are restless, in fact, restive in the absence of the dose of this appreciation of the highest standard. To them sincerity is the pivot of the whole goodness.|

(Dr. Yaseen Ahmad Shah is Principal Government Degree College, Anantnag)

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