Meelad 1434 AH


On the auspicious occasion of Meelad today, we try to briefly examine the attitude of modern man towards the message of the Prophet (SAW). One of the gravest misfortunes that has always perverted human mind is prejudice. There is the story of the Brahman who was about to sink in the waters of a river while bathing. A shudra passed by and jumped into the river to save him. The Brahman who knew about his caste shouted to him to keep off and not to pollute him with his touch. In consequence the Brahman got drowned. This is an apt illustration of how prejudice, founded or unfounded, can create insurmountable psychological barriers which can lead to perdition.
Three such psychological barriers as represented by the parable quoted above stand between modern man and Islam. The Quran presents the Prophet (SAW) as one of the elemental blessings like air, sunshine, water and the rich and colourful table of all varieties of food and drink spread around us. He is spoken of as a mercy to all the worlds (rahmatan lilaalamin). Like air, sunshine and water, he is a blessing of God to everyone. But unfortunate psychological barriers have emerged between him and large sections of mankind. The first of these stands between the West and Prophet’s mission. It is the unholy legacy of the Crusades. It has not only determined the policy and attitude of the West towards Islam and Muslims but prevented the Western man, barring a rare individual here and there, to approach Islam with an unprejudiced mind.
The second barrier is peculiar to the subcontinent and is a legacy of the crucial event of Partition which not only tore the Muslim community apart but created a permanent psychological barrier in the minds of the non-Muslims towards Islam with the result that fewer individuals here than those in the West have been able to see Islam impartially.
The third and the most hideous barrier is of our (that of Muslims) own making. We have misrepresented Islam by our own misdeeds and repelled mankind from approaching this fount of mercy. In the Friday editorials that follow we shall insha Allah, analyse these three barriers briefly.

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