Peace be upon him

His was the message that revolutionized the world



From the time of the Creation of this world, Allah has sent prophets to various lands to warn people and teach them lessons about humanity and moral values. According to the traditions Allah sent 1, 24,000 prophets, and a prophet was sent to almost every civilization in every part of the world. The Holy Quran makes mention of two dozen prophets only. The prophet of Islam (SAW) is the last of the prophets. With him the process of prophethood concluded as Allah perfected the religion of (Islam) which he preached.
        Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Holy Prophet of Islam was born in Makkah in 571 C.E. In the Arab annals the year of the birth of the Prophet (SAW) is known as the ‘Year of Elephant’. He (SAW) had his milieu from the noble tribe of Quraish of Makkah who traced their bond with Hazrat Ismael (A S), the son of Hazrat Ibrahim (A S).  During the first five years, Muhammad (SAW) as a child lived in a desert with his wet nurse Halimah and her family of the Bani Sa’ad. During these years in the healthy hearty and blessed air of the desert, the young child Muhammad (SAW) developed a robust formation of personality. He developed the power of endurance, independence of spirit, and the strength of determination. He also acquired the latest purest Arabic dialect.
As Muhammad (SAW) grew up, he began to look at men and things around him with a great concern. The society in which he lived was riddled with grave abuses, unethical values that made him itchy. The Quraish were given to idolatry, and over 360 idols were lodged in the Ka’aba and he failed to realize how man-made idols could be expected to do any good to mankind. He detested idol worship, and when all people around him took pride in praying to the idols, he abstained from such sinful practices.
       The historic address that the Holy Prophet delivered on the occasion of the farewell pilgrimage recapitulates the Message of the Holy Prophet. He said:
        “O people! Listen carefully to my words for I may not be among you next year, nor ever address you again from this spot. O people! Just as you regard this month as sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that none may hurt you. Usury is forbidden. Satan has despaired of leading you astray in big things, so beware of obeying him in small things. Women have rights over you, as you have rights over them. Be good to them. You may soon have to appear before God and answer for your deeds. So beware. Do not go astray after I am gone. O people! No prophet will come after me, and no new faith will be born. Worship your God, say your prayers, fast during the month of Ramadan, and give off your wealth in charity. All Muslims, free or enslaved have the same rights and same responsibilities. None is higher than the other unless he is higher in the virtue. Feed your slaves as you feed yourselves, clothe them as you clothe yourselves.   Do not oppress them nor usurp their rights. There is no distinction among the Arabs and the non-Arabs, the black and the white, all Muslims constitute a brotherhood. Remain united and be not divided.”
       With the advent of the Holy month of Rabi al- Awwal, the Muslim brotherhood is busy in celebrating (Meelad-un- Nabi) blessing of the Prophets coming to mankind. We the Muslims are really fortunate to have Mohammad (SAW) as our Prophet and we his followers who taught us everything which made us as the greatest civilization of the world.

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