A dying beauty

and I couldn't bear my beloved Dal can be so ugly



During my recent visit to Kashmir few months ago, on the background of the high tourist influx during 2012, I was eager to revisit  Dal Lake after many years.  Like a teenage boy meeting his comely beloved after a long period, I left the United Kingdom (UK) with unquenchable curiosity to see the beauty of the Dal Lake. I was impatient to witness her glittering face with sun rays dancing on her surface and see the reflection of moon, stars and surrounding mountains floating on her chest. I imagined for months to see my reflection in the eyes of my beloved Lake. I pictured myself swimming deep in her bosom, uncovering the secrets of her heart, sitting on the bank intoxicated by her mesmerising beauty and marvelling about god’s creation.
I requested a friend drive me to my favourite lake. As we drove along the boulevard, it was initially difficult to appreciate her beauty due to the traffic jams, noise and huge number of tourists. Holding the illuminated face of my much-loved lake in my mind and heart over the oceans, I managed to leave behind human chaos to finally cast my longing eyes on her majestic beauty. But I struggled to clearly see her inviting face as her guardians had hidden her behind a green veil.  As we continued our drive, I noticed that the overprotective custodians had covered her in a green garment to prevent me from looking at her divine countenance. I consoled my heart to be patient for a little while before deciding to uncover her beauty at a distance, from the garden of the hotel on Zabarwan Hill, away from her protectors.
As I stood with my longing eyes and fluttering heart in the garden of the hotel beholding Dal Lake, I was overcome by the extreme sorrow due to the condition of my beloved Lake. I was aghast to find that the thick green veil, which I believed was used by her protective guardians to hide her beauty, was actually the green burial shroud on the dying body of my admired lake. Her own chaperons had turned into enemies against her beauty and were contriving innovative ways to intoxicate her with the poison produced in their own households. It was a wretched sight to witness.
Before heading back to my abode I wanted to say goodbye to my treasured lake. At a quiet place, I stood by the shore and extended my hands to touch her untimely aging face which, in the past, would have enticed any onlooker. I was perturbed to wipe the bloody tears rising from her aching heart. I was frightened to see her heart turned dark by poisonous serpentine weed and her dying body shrouded in green garment weaved from our indifference.
She whispered: “it is a curse fastened upon my forehead that my own windy and empty guardians have taken it on themselves to kill me by unrelenting poisoning whilst following the gospel of individualism. They could not care less about my sordid fate. My cry for help, arising from my depths, is met with walls of silence and indifference. My filthy condition symbolises our society and its values.  I am an apogee of a diseased system.  I am an outcome of our national disease called corruption. They are masquerading the piles of squalor in my chest under the majestic words of paradise on earth. Sagacity of our moral pedagogues is unable to comfort my ignominious state due to their complicity. My conspicuous inescapable misfortune is a big ugly wart on their bald forehead.”
I silently cried in my heart. No one heard me wailing.  No one felt my pain or noticed my pleading for help to save my adored lake. Tempest in my heart rages violently when I think about her decomposing body wrapped in the green burial shroud. Her keepers are remorselessly content with their lives and ready to blame unknown forces for my dying Lake. It is disquieting to watch her own death at the hands of her custodians who have buried her in their forgetfulness. Lifting her eyes heavenward, she is awaiting the awakening of the guardians’ souls, whom she hopes will deliver her out from the jaws of death. She knows that god has poured light in their hearts that will eventually overcome the darkness currently encircling it.

(Dr Javed Latoo is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Academician and Medical Editor based in the UK)

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