Stay Smart, Move Forward

Values that make things work in an organisation


The SMART academic governance has the features like systematic, motivated, accountable, responsive, transparent governance .The world is moving fast towards outcomes.
The work experience is made more enjoyable when one is proactive. Being proactive is one of the seven habits of highly effective people. Innovations, diversifications and fair play add credibility to the whole process of governance.
 We need to “sharpen the saw” and adopt a set of values that could help in bringing efficacy in the governance and the system at large. Do improve upon wisdom-values-skills to render the best possible actions. Honesty, truthfulness, courage, punctuality, contentment are the most important leadership qualities.  Staying smart to give a “feel change” is deliberated upon in this context.
Do Question:
             When we say “what”, we ask because we want to know. But, when we say “How” and “Why” we question. We question the very premise - the paradigm. We want a change in the status-quo and combat stereo - break inertia and revolutionize life.
 To question-needs a considerable intellectual understanding and higher order of emotional depth. It requires intellectual courage par excellence. An intelligent question may not have an instant intelligent answer. It is a process.

Be Wise:
The wisdom teaches us how to deliver results in uncertain times. Leadership is inborn to a degree, but it can be acquired through effort. Leaders of all times must possess ability to lead change.
In times of change thinking as usual does not work. The old mental models based on history and experience no longer hold good. In the evolving life of a human society conflict is inevitable.
Accordingly events are conducted to study and analyse the phenomenon in pursuance of preset vision, mission, goals and objectives. In this context efforts are being made to achieve the desired outcome with due regard to synergy (2+2 = 4 effect).
Outcome-effort relationship guides that any of the situation may take place: gain, break-even or loss. It is essential to measure this relationship in tangible terms focusing on quantification of results and effort. Structural and behavioural experts developed befitting models based on variety of statements on both the dimensions by applying relevant techniques.

Observe Honesty:
The old saying is “honesty is the best policy”. Honesty under its umbrella covers a wide range of issues. To what extent one performs that evaluates honesty in one’s field of work. It is not confined to financial matters alone.
An honest person is law abiding and does not lie. We want to be decent- in giving an honest answer, an honest appraisal of ability –can only help. One has to be honest while dealing with other stakeholders operating in the system. In teaching-learning-evaluation process it is academic honesty.
 Honest work is job done fairly well. Honest living is money earned by working hard and smart as required. Similarly, honest truth is the complete truth - to be above all small minded prejudices. Honesty and truth are similar to straight lines that go parallel. Conversely, dishonesty and lying are just twisted and sloping lines. An honest mistake is unintentional.

Value Time:
The behavioural experts opine that punctuality is the first sign of loyalty towards an organisation. Punctuality refers to starting as well as completing work at right time. Punctuality guides in “Put first-things-first” as well as “begin with ends in mind”.
Usually there are habitual late comers in every organisation. Being late is a shameful situation not approved of. The Englishmen put on wrist-watch to exercise punctuality. Conversely, we put it on simply as an ornament. Perhaps our culture in general has written off the habit of being on time.
The work-culture is an important determinant not just for the economic growth and advancement but equally for the quality of social life. There is a saying “time and tide wait for none.” The careless approach to maintain proper timing results in wastage of an invaluable resource as wastage of time means wastage of money .Being consistently late, one strains relationship with fellow workers and colleagues .
The focus on punctuality is the fore runner to improve upon work efficacy. The value of ill-effects associated with non -punctuality need an in-depth study. Steps are to be initiated to compute the impact of non- punctuality on performance and productivity.
 The value added employment of people has a special characteristic of being punctual. It needs realisation and self-motivation. By giving up “tomorrow culture” we prove productive. Punctuality will revolutionize the socio-economic inertia the society is confronted with. Work ethics and work etiquettes are essential requisites in every culture.
Punctuality reflects respect and consideration for fellow-feeling, self-discipline and organisational commitment. Punctuality is not simply a time skill, but a relationship quality and a manifestation of personal character as well. The habit of punctuality is amazing as it exhibits how life becomes organised with time.
The societies move forward through investment in human capital underpinned by a variety of values including punctuality. Objectivity demands leaders adhere firmly to the principles of equity and justice leading to transformation of social fabric.

Exhibit Courage:
The importance of courage can hardly be overstated. Courage is the capability to perform right or good, despite knowing it is difficult or dangerous. Courageous people think win-win. They do not do to others what they do not wish others do to them.
To dissent a corrupt, violent or wrong doer is a reflection of immense courage. Really, it is courageous to admit a mistake or a wrong doing. “Every saint has a past and every sinner a future.” Try to feel brave enough to do something non -routine and against the tide. Do not encourage wrong doers; rather, curtail their injurious actions.
The courageous and assertive are more confident, optimistic and hopeful because of fair work conduct. To perform, though being frightened about it, is an achievement.
 It needs to go beyond wishful to willful act. “The first inhibits action and the second inspires action”. Wishful is a passing fancy or a weak impulse in the mind that does not translate into action. Willful makes more decisive that one decides to act. A courageous is very brave, balanced and determined in his commitment. Courage and honesty run parallel.
 A leader must never, as Richard Nixon says in his book LEADERS, “suffer paralysis through analysis”. Napoleon said that two-thirds of decision making is based on study, analysis, calculations, facts and figures, but the other third is always a leap in the dark, based on one’s gut.
Be good to yourself-this implies nurturing and improving positive energies and impulses, and disciplining negative ones. This tale of courage and sacrifice has power to ignite more such efforts like a lamp lighting other lamps.

Decision Power
The wining starts with beginning and beginning starts with a single action. Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities. To really be successful in life, all it is to be done: 1) get started, and 2) never quit.
Handle ideas by making a decision. People in an organization respond to new ideas in different ways.
In such a situation pick up positive, but not negative attitudes. Be positive - it inspires positive emotions and provokes positive results - confidence, optimism, contentment, courage. Whereas negative thinking stimulates negative emotions and promotes negative results-worry, distress, sadness suspicion (Schuller: 1988).

Shun Self:
The objective was to knock my conscience. Come what may, one has to face the truth one day. The material gains do not last long. Why then one works day in and day out in pursuit of material welfare?
 The real happiness one finds in contentment. Whatsoever is available, enjoy to the fullest. Self-centered people are never satisfied. Enjoy life-prefer to be selfless than selfish - shun greed. 

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