Mamoosa:‘Super Model Village’ sans basic amenities


Mamoosa (Pattan), Jan 3: This north Kashmir hamlet, just a few kms from Srinagar-Gulmarg highway, which was named as ‘Super Model Village’ by the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, four years ago sans basic amenities.        
Mamoosa village, comprises six ‘patees’ (habitations) i.e. Babagund, Takiya, Latipora, Batpora, Parrapora and Mirpora, seems to be the most neglected village in north Kashmir.

 Chief Minister Omar Abdullah visited this village on 20th Sep 2009 and addressed the assembled villagers.
 “This village would be developed as a Super Model Village with all facilities. It would have a sophisticated and modern road to be constructed by NABARD, Primary Health Centre, Town Hall, Play Ground, a Marriage Hall and much more,” Omar had announced. 
 However, four years have elapsed since then but till date nothing has been done to implement the announcements made by the Chief Minister.

 At present no transport service is available for the villagers and those who want to visit this village for trade, agriculture and socio-economic needs.
 Residents said the buses which used to ply from Kunzar, Magam, Dhobiwan and Pattan stand suspended for past seven months due to the dilapidated condition of 13 kilometer Kunzar-Pattan road via Mamoosa.
 Another 8-km road from Mangloora to Shirpora too is dilapidated no Sumo or minibus owner wants to ply his vehicle on this road. The condition of interior links measuring 14 Kilometres too is no better. If at all a private vehicle travels on this road its speed remains confined one kilometer per hour.
 A few days ago a woman while being shifted to LD Hospital Srinagar, in a private vehicle gave birth to a baby on way to Srinagar as vehicle could not cover even a few kilometers in one hour due to the dilapidated condition of the road.   

 Notwithstanding the pathetic condition of patients, old people and school going children a local social worker entered into a judicial treaty with the Chairman of Sumo Stand Dhobiwan in order to drive a few Sumos on higher fares to meet the possible losses, these Sumo owners agreed by driving their vehicles on the dilapidated road but at higher rates.
 When contacted, Rafiq Ahmad, Executive Engineer GDA, told that the 8 kilometers of this road are extremely damaged and superficial patching can’t evolve anything substantial.  “Realizing the extreme trouble of the people of the area, we have sent an interim-repair-proposal estimating Rs 2 crore to the Government and the same lies in secretariat for final approval.” Rafiq told Greater Kashmir.

 The lack of school buildings and the dilapidated condition of existing infrastructure has badly affected the schooling and the studies of the children. One middle school and all the primary schools are accommodated in rented buildings. “The Government Boys Middle School in Latipora, located in the building of a Masjid, was established 50 years ago. Till date no step has been taken to shift the school to some other place or construct a new building,” locals added. Though the teaching staff of the school is sufficient but all this has gone waste due to the lack of proper infrastructure due to which parents are left with no other option other than to shift their wards to other schools,” said a Ghulam Ahmed Mir, social activist.
 “Four years back the villagers donated the Eidgah land for the school, the foundation of the school building was laid but after that construction work didn’t start,” Mir added. 
 He alleged that two years back one more building was constructed under SSA Scheme but it is incomplete and roofless resulting now in its dilapidated condition with its walls about to collapse. “Similarly the primary schools in the village established under SSA have been set up in rented buildings and one of the schools functions from a rented the complex of Darsgah in Parrapora habitation,” said Mir.
 When contacted, Ab Rouf Shahmiri, Chief Education Officer Baramulla, told Greater Kashmir that he would seek a report from the concerned ZEO soon. “We will immediately arrange some Additional Class Rooms so that the students don’t suffer till the construction of a full fledged school building is worked out.”

 Residents said the village having 671 households having a population of almost 7000 people has one Allopathic Dispensary (AD) to tackle the medical emergencies and to safeguard the community health. The irony of the situation is that the AD accommodated in a rented shop sans the lonely posted doctor and is surviving on the services of a Medical Assistant only.

 The village rich in livestock but poor in livestock-healthcare has no veterinary centre. “When our domestic animals fall sick or we need artificial cow-insemination, we happen to drive our cattle by foot either to Dhobiwan or to Shirpora” residents said.

 HT Line passing through the village poses head-on danger to the population. “The electricity was given to us in 1977 and since then the poles wires and the other allied items continue to be the same which have now deteriorated largely posing threat to the lives not to speak of the power interruptions and failures caused due to the poor maintenance,” said Ishtiyaq Ahmad.
 The residents said the HT Line passing through the village poses threat to their lives. “Whileas it has already damaged the property of a resident Ghulam Muhammad Mir. His orchard got burnt after the HT Line fell on it,” they said.

 Rich in spring-water-bodies, the village sans mechanical lift station, needs a planned water usage project.
 Whileas there is water crisis almost everywhere nowadays. This village blessed with dozens of spring-water-bodies has been enjoying the water of its own resources not only for irrigation but also for drinking purposes.
 With Takiya, one of its habitations lacking water pipes, however, the main concern with regard to the water resources remains that much of the waters goes waste for want of a planned water usage project.
 Locals said the village had always plenty of water as in olden times a Pattan Family had purchased a full spring against gold. The big springs are in Latipora habitation called “Shukruin Naag” oozing out plenty of gushing waters. Generally studies of such waters reveal that it is naturally pure and fluoridated fit for dental health. Experts claim that if the water of these springs is mechanically lifted up under a planned water usage project it cannot only suffice the drinking and irrigation needs of the native village but even the neighbopuring villages are likely to get benefitted.
 When contacted, Tarique Ahmad Kakroo, concerned Engineer PHE Pattan told that the water supply to the village was satisfactory and PHE has already sent an upgradation proposal to the higher authorities and after its approval no household would remain without drinking water. Asked whether PHE had any plans to lift the spring water for proper and wide use, Kakroo said there was no such plan in vogue at present.

 Mamoosa is believed to be one of the oldest villages. The villagers say that in ancient times a king named Manoos Shah stayed here and the village was named after him.

 Experts some years back dug out “Maltaing”, a hillock believed to be harboring some kind of treasure. However, the digging was later on suspended on the appearance of snakes at the said place. Locals said the bones and pots were seen after the digging.

 One of the marvelous legendary features of this village that makes it a unique hamlet is the presence of four hundred years old sky-touchig, Pine Tree (Deodar) on a hillock, locally called as “Moomsich Yaur” measuring about 35 feet in girth, its roots are itself like big trees. The Chopper landed here when Chief Minister Omar Abdullah visited this village in 2009. The villagers said that he got inspired with the charismatic beauty of this spot and announced to construct a scenic park here.

 With all these government apathies and negligence this village has been subjected to forced backwardness which not only has amounted to educational, economical and health losses but even the social fabric of this village got badly affected.
 Sources quoted a lady as having said in response to the inquiry of a matrimonial relation that Mamoosa was all fine village but one should not tie the matrimonial knot of  his daughter here for it is a backward village which sans even the basic amenity like road.
 Pertinently, till yester years, this village was famous as per literacy is concerned. “Mamoosa has produced learned personalities who are serving at top posts and varied fields. Village has given birth to doctors, engineers and scientists, but it’s a history now. If government doesn’t pay attention towards the difficulties faced by the residents the inhabitants would be left with no other choice other than to migrate from here,” said a  social activist M Shafi Shah.

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Mamoosa:‘Super Model Village’ sans basic amenities


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