The Operation Abbotabad

SEAL means not only extraordinary physical strength but a sharp analytical mind



All the Hollywood war films have blank political spaces, which they fill with chosen words. The US forces go into the lands of sovereign states and rescue their fellow soldiers, in the process help those ‘fighting for democracy’. All the ‘God Bless America’ forces do into the sovereign states is to rescue the native people from the tyranny of their ruler. Earlier the tyrant was the Communist. Now it has been replaced with Islamist. The book under review is on the same pattern and you cannot fault the pen name author. After all he was inspired to join the SEAL—the top most elite force of USA—after watching the movie “Men in Green Faces”.  
The book is written to inspire the young generation of US citizens to join the elite force—Untied States Naval Special Warfare Development Group abbreviated DEVGRU and commonly referred to as SEAL. Such is his commitment toward the elitist force of USA that he says the proceeds from the book will be donated to military welfare. As per him the mission to kill Bin Laden has been reported wrongly, “Even reports claiming to have the inside story have been incorrect. I felt like,” writes the SEAL operational head, responsible for the killing of bin Laden, “someone had to tell the true story.” The author says that after the Operation Neptune Spear in Abbottabad he was amused to the kind of reporting done by US press but later got shocked to seen the pictures, of bodies left behind and the exact place where they had shot Bin Laden, flashed on TV screens. He has no hesitation in saying that all the pictures of the operation and some details were leaked by Washington.
The author Mark Owen is the pen name of the SEAL Team, who was leading the elite assassination forces in operation against bin Laden. He has concealed all the names of the people involved in the killing of bin Laden. Post the Abbottabad Operation the author left SEAL and wrote the book. Kevin Maurer is a kind of consultant who helped Owen to remove any thing that can be harmful for the interests of USA.  The book is mostly on the training of SEALs and how the elite force is selected. The author convinces hard that those who became SEAL come after lot of filtration. The army men taken as SEAL are no barmy. Becoming a SEAL means not only extraordinary physical strength but a sharp analytical mind. While all the forces are trained to kill, the author tries to seal that SEALs are not only meant for target assassination but wiping out people who support resistance.
In the course of his operation of eliminating bin Laden the author narrates many gung ho operations that his team took in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He writes that his team shot pictures of the dead because, “(i)t had become a way to rebut false accusations that the fighters we killed were innocent farmers.”  But as we know the civilian slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan occupation has gone up to one and half million.
As the Taliban mounted a counter attack on the occupation forces the SEALs were sent to Afghanistan following Gen. David H. Petraeus’s new insurgency guidelines. The rag tag Taliban army, as the author realised, are no ordinary fighters. Their skills in the field had forced many NATO countries to unilaterally withdraw forces from a land that ultimately is responsible for the collapse of great powers.
The author also writes that all the intelligence report barring one sited bin Laden in Pakistan. He goes on to narrate how one particular lady, whom he refers as Jen, was freakishly tracking bin Laden for five years. She had assembled all the leads that finally led them toward bin Laden whom they codenamed Pacer or Geronima. When the SEAL Team was shown the model of bin Laden’s house the author was surprised on the precision of intelligence the CIA had. The Abbottabad Operation that killed bin Laden and few of his guards went on for more than 30 minutes yet during this time, the author notes, “He hadn’t even prepared a defense. He had no intention of fighting.” He questions the stand of bin Laden on violence. Then he adduces that as a soldier he had respect for his guard who put up a fight. The operation in which bin Laden was killed is written in the usual military bravado. During the ensuing fight the neighbours around the compound came out to investigate but surprisingly Pakistani military was dozing for such long time. It won’t be a surprise if a Hollywood movie is made on the book. It is perfectly written script for a Hollywood war movie. 
However, the author leaves behind many questions. Why did Owen retire after killing bin Laden from a service for which he sacrificed so long? Did the ugly occupation in Afghanistan finally brought out a human out of a killer minded machine? Why was not bin Laden arrested when he showed no resistance? What was done to Osama’s body? The questions remain there.

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