The art of politicking

Of Sardar Ateeq's statement and the realities we must not forget



 A couple of weeks  ago two statement of two political figures, Sardar Atik Ahmad Khan and Azam Inqilabi caught my attention, evoking curiosity.
 Former Prime Minister of Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PAK) and president Muslim Conference Sardar Atik Ahmad Khan warned of a fresh struggle by Indian pathans to ‘liberate’ Kashmir: ‘I am looking at the matter in the context of a new theory which is that the pathans living in India will disrupt the peace in India if steps for resolving Kashmir issue are not taken’, Khan told Pakistan Daily ‘The News’  on 28 December 2012. He claimed that ‘three point five million tribes people (pathans) were settled in India and they could launch a fresh struggle of Kashmiris independence which could jeopardize regions peace. The Pakhtoon tribes men had rendered great sacrifices for Kashmir cause and they still consider it their own problem’.
 Before scanning the contents dispassionately, it is in place to mention that Sardar Atik and his father Sardar Quyoom Khan (ex-prime minister of Pak and MC chief) were strong advocates of Musharaff's four-point program, which virtually in the guise of making Line of Control (LoC) irrelevant, ensured in sealing irrelevance of Kashmir as an issue of international character, all the four points converged in cementing in status-quistic position on Kashmir,
 The father-son duo during their rule  not only baptized Musharaf’s enlightenment and ‘pragmatic’ approach viz-a-viz Kashmir. They ridiculed those demanding a rights to self-determination  and called their stand as ‘intellectual debauchery’. 
 The lust for power violates its own ethics and creates its own bed fellows. It expunges the good of yesterday and venerates the bad of today. To perpetuate self and political interests. Before Musharaf’s flip-flop, the Sardars too ran with high adrenalin on Kashmir. The first thing such power hungry politicians learn is to corrupt their conscience and revel in selective amnesia. Loss of power awakens them to script a new “code of conduct” . The first line of which starts in strutting in phantom masculinity. Read the quoted lines, the younger Sardar looks in improvising this art of politicking. And taking it to its perfection.
 That the “debauchery” they so hard decried at should again find in them the patrons is not strange. But what makes it more clumsy and condemnable is that what they failed to achieve on their own strength, at their own place, Sardar Atik tries to clone it, and thus scare Indians  by flexing muscles of Pathans living in India.
 Ludicrous although but speaks volumes of how orphaned of power, politicians in that part of Kashmir cultivate their image more of impulsive minds than cool matured ones. Ateeq  seems blissfully ignorant about the plight of Muslims in India and their pre-occupation. They are nearly entirely de-hyphenated from the situation prevailing in Kashmir. They are yet to retrieve from the post-partition trauma. Their social and educational backwardness and the discrimination they face at various levels (Sachar Committee report) is exacting much of their energy to focus on the basic minimum. Beyond their survival and security they have no such enterprises to undertake. And the condition and mentality of Pathans in India is not that different form their co-religionists. What if at some point of their tribal history they swaggered their martial traits. Much water has flown down the mighty Sind since then. And the world has evolved anew. Different realities have emerged. The Pidram Sultan Bood self-gratifying pride have lost their disciples. Cavorting with such fanciful day-dreams will yield nothing.
 Not only that. Before doing such self-deluding antics, Ateeq should have paused for a reality check and thought of the fall out of his provocative statement which for all purpose is invitation to doom for Muslims in India. In a situation where their patriotism is doubted and vilification campaign is unleashed to loop them in subjugation, talking of disruptive genes of Pathans is not only detrimental for Muslims there, it amounts to sowing discard and bad blood. Such acrobatics on part of Sardar Ateeq won’t change the realities on ground, only it does expose the opportunistic profile of these leaders. What you yourself have abandoned much earlier, expecting to get it done from Pathans – who are wallowing in their own miseries – is hideous. Hypocritical too.
 Though on a slightly different pattern, Azam Inqilabi too ‘warned’ India of nearly two million ‘fighters’ ready to pierce through LoC and ‘redeem’ Kashmiris. As they say politicians heal thyself! A word is enough.

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