2013 – the year begins

How will the things shape up remains to be seen



Now its year 2013, thereby 2014 is not far away.  What is special about 2014 that a particular reference is being made to the year that’s yet 12 months away. The NATO forces led by so-called superpower America occupying Afghanistan are scheduled to withdraw in or even before 2014. Why somewhat disgraceful withdrawal of Western forces is an issue some may rightly describe as of paramount importance for us in Kashmir. Kabul is far-away from Kashmir but Qandahar is not.  Apparently it may sound to be a paradoxical rather a deeply confusing assertion.  Indeed Kabul is at a distance from Kashmir yet traditionally the historic developments of Central Asia, Afghanistan being an essential part of that region, have profoundly influenced Kashmir in numerous ways. Presently, due to the partition of the sub-continent, Kashmir today is found to be besieged and isolated. Nevertheless not only because of geographically contiguity but culturally also, it was considered as an extended part of the Central Asia.  However not only for Kashmir the present dominating powers, are hell-bent to carve out a South Asian personality even for Afghanistan. In strong pursuance of geopolitical designs the deliberate disfiguring of Kashmiri historical character is the root-cause of the conflict. In case Kashmir is allowed to revert to its original personality as a bridge between different civilizations, certainly the conflict on and within Kashmir will dissipate within no time.
The relentless subversion of the history is the reason behind the turmoil. In order to neutralise all the measures of cultural aggression, the Kashmiri thinking mind needs to rededicate its entire energies to defeat the sinister design of geopolitical engineering. Yet we as people at times may have failed to decipher properly impart of the forced narratives, the providence has a unique way of leveling the inflated egos of dominating powers. America had to bite the dust in Afghanistan; it will be having a far-reaching impact not only for Afghan nation but for this entire region. As such the American occupation of Afghanistan dramatically altered the situation in Kashmir; likewise its somehow hasty retreat is supposedly bound to create a profound impact here.      
First the proviso, the armed struggle has proved more disastrous for Kashmir than having been of any advantage for the popular cause. Ideally speaking, resorting back to violent means of agitation will hardly help to resolve the bloody tangle. If Kashmir ever has a chance to recover from this seemingly hopeless situation, it has to be through a disciplined and sustained but purely a peaceful effort. Kashmir may have realized the futile moreover the destructive nature of the violence. That’s the reason why despite deep provocation of the state forces and in reaction to that the proclivity of the violent fringe element towards militancy, the majority still likes to believe in a peaceful struggle. However what can be said with great distress that it is the state that does not seem to believe in peaceful resolution of the conflict.
We are repeatedly told that Kashmir is a vexed problem; therefore it can’t be resolved overnight. Disgustingly some dumpy leaders from the APHC also unwittingly or else wittingly to please their paymasters now parrot these lines.  In case there is a strong will a decade is more than enough to make a significant headway towards the resolution of the dispute. And in the absence of sincerity, leave aside the conflict resolution; a mere repeal of draconian laws is made out to be a big contentious issue.
After 9/11 and particularly after American occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan was forced to abandon its support for militancy. Ever since the advent of militancy, Indian army has waged a relentless battle against the armed groups in Kashmir. But until 2001 despite suffering heavy loses militancy was as alive and penetrating as it could be in such a given situation.  Despite all the numerical superiority the state forces were not able to fully subdue the Pakistan sponsored militancy in Kashmir. The wave of militancy only ebbed once Pakistan was unable to sponsor the militancy effectively. During the past one decade had there been an iota of sincerity--- in the absence of lethal violence--- the ways and means should have been devised to consolidate the peaceful mechanism for the resolution of the dispute.  Since violence was considered as the real problem and not the conflict behind the violence, state lost all its interest to pursue a serious political approach towards the resolution of the conflict.
For New Delhi the trouble in Kashmir has always been Pakistan sponsored, even 2010 popular uprising was categorised as an ISI sponsored “agitational terrorism”. With the American occupation of Afghanistan, it was perceived that Pakistan has been effectively circumscribed, thus reducing its capability to (substantially) intervene in Kashmir. As a result the majority of the factors those proved beneficial in controlling the militancy are external and not internal. In case these factors with the passage of time gets diluted or for that matter are reversed, the hardened anti India sentiment in Kashmir obviously is bound to predict a doomsday scenario.  The Indian mind never misses a chance to project Kashmir as an integral Indian entity. What can be described as irony of ironies that instead of discovering a local solution to the Kashmir imbroglio Delhi allowed itself to be exploited by the ever-dicey situation of Kabul?                Cataclysmic approaches are eventually faced with catastrophic consequences.  

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