Of angels and devils

We can be the worst or the best depending on the way we choose



December’s headlines have been embarrassing. The word ‘Rape’ was not meant even to be mentioned on a breakfast table. As a brother, as a son – I feel ashamed! Every father is anguished; every husband is worried; every brother is angry.  The very thought of the incident sends a chill down one’s spine. No condemnations seem enough. Capital punishment is an imperative.
On a different note, as a society, this ugly incident reflects a sorry state of our morals. Further decoding indicates: There is something seriously wrong in our parenting patterns and in our education system. Strict laws will help in eliminating the crime. Better parenting and proper education will help a great deal!    
Parenting: Most criminals come from broken families – the ‘gunman’ (strange – not a terrorist!) who killed school children in the US recently bears it out. Proper love and care is an essential in the making of a good human being. Children whose parents literally ‘live in offices’ find ways of living by themselves – sometimes among wicked friends, sometimes in unholy affairs, sometimes amidst the smoke of a cigarette, and most recently among the virtual people in the virtual world of social networking. When people move far on the path of living by oneself, the end results are congruent to the Delhi incident. So, proper care and love is crucial. And more important in the present cyber age is monitoring. At a time when nudity is the fashion of the day, and when it is, but one click away, monitoring assumes more importance. Your child has an internet connection for studies – good. Make sure it is serving the purpose and not affecting his moral, physical and spiritual health. A child is a child and after all human – and humans are not infallible; unless chosen to be Prophets!          
Education: The present day system of education focuses less on values and more on skills and qualities that help a ‘scholar’ fetch a decent job. The object under focus is the brain. The heart ruins neglected. That crime rate is escalating with escalating literacy rate. It is a clear indication that something is seriously wrong in our definition of literacy or more clearly ‘education’. Our cardinal sin is that we have separated education into two – worldly and religious. There is no faith on the planet that encourages crime. Had everyone been ‘taught’ that in the real sense, we would have been living in a utopian world. Surah Yousuf is enough to keep a Muslim youngster light years away from indecency. Christians swear by Virgin Mary. Believing Hindus believe in lowering their gaze – such points need strong emphasis in our education system that is largely co-ed.
Tailpiece: If we keep our children emotionally secluded from ourselves and if we just go about teaching them ‘C for Cat’, ‘D for Dog’, we can’t expect them to become champions of decency. They need to be taught, in accordance with one’s faith: ‘Alif se Allah Ko Pehchaan’, ‘Bae se Badoun ka kehna maan’ – we will see angels in the making. And then: “…A day will come and a woman will travel from Hira (a town in southern Iraq) to Makka alone on her camel (in security) and circumambulate the Ka‘ba as an act of worship ...”           
(Mir Faizan Ul Haq studies civil engineering at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. Feedback: faizancvl@gmail.com)

Lastupdate on : Sun, 6 Jan 2013 21:30:00 Makkah time
Lastupdate on : Sun, 6 Jan 2013 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Mon, 7 Jan 2013 00:00:00 IST

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