Nature's creativity

It sounds ordinary, but is miraculous



There are different points of views from which one can look at a tree, so that a somewhat complete picture could be carved. I wish the tree to be a banyan tree that I have been reading about since my childhood. It gives me a sense of belongingness.
The way I can see a tree through my eyes, forms the first view for me.
I like its shade which gives me a moment of calm and silence, where I can create my own world in my own mind under its soothing shade. That banyan tree in front of my eyes, its branches hanging like tresses hanging. I do not want to call it so but it seems dreadful.
Now, if I am to see with my mind’s eye. I see that banyan tree in my imagination and relate it with my experiences. For me this tree is like nature's umbrella, available for me. It appears to be mine. Its presence is so calm; it feels like a soft wet sheet over me during the hot summer days, when the scorching heat eats me up!! Its branches are like that little girl with long hair, who never obeys her mom, and runs away from her when she comes with a comb in her hand. She wants her hair to dance around freely and never be tied like her little heart. This tree reminds me of that girl with long open hair, but there is just one difference - I can hang on the branches but not on the hair!
And whenever I see this tree from the top, its huge size just vanishes. It seems as if a green carpet is lying there on the ground. This view gives me strength as it reminds me of the fact of life that nothing is so huge forever. Like beauty, strength or power no obstacle no hurdle, no problem is going to be like that. They may look relatively bigger at some point in time but eventually everything shall die down. There is nothing like those big ghosts in my life. It is just the perspective, just how I look at things that make all the difference. It is not the situation, its me only who gives importance and pays heed to those ghost.
When I see that banyan tree from the top of a building, which is just opposite, how small it seems to the eye. That only tree under the shade of which I used to gaze at its huge size is now like an ant to me and there strikes another fact of life to my mind. What once seemed to me a great thing, now seems to be insignificant as we acquire new heights. But the fact is that every single thing in our life has got its own importance its own place at specified time. And everything that we get acts as a stepping stone without which further achievements and further heights could not be acquired.
And as I let my thoughts to travel deeper into its existence, to see the cause, to know the reason, I find the roots. How these would have grown over years? Lying under the soothing earth, I wonder how these and the tree would have gone through the different phases over years. Its journey from a sapling to a huge banyan tree is majestic. The scene hidden from the real world lies under the soil are the deep buried roots of the tree giving it life, providing it nutrition, supporting life. These roots never crave for fame, yet  filling the branches, the leaves with breaths.                                           
I keep thinking about all this. I keep thinking and I say to myself thus.
           “People hardly care about the reasons which support their lives, their living. Hey just enjoy every bit of it and try to get maximum out of it but forget the reason."

(Heena Mughal is a first year Masters student of Journalism and Mass Communication at IUST, Awantipora.)

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