The Brothers, The Others

It is time Egyptians look into each otherss eyes

Mehmood ur Rashid

The military take over in Egypt, no matter how it is explained, and in cases shamelessly defended, is a military coup. However, there are a bagful of things littered around in the aftermath of this crisis. The coup has thrown the abysmal contradictions of the international politics in focus, as also More

Omar cries “Eureka”!

Omar’s discovery that Kashmir may erupt anytime and Kashmiris can’t be taken for granted reminds one of Archimedes


During our School days we used to read about the discovery of Archimedes Principle regarding the floatation of bodies in water. It is said that Archimedes was trying very hard to understand the basic principle which makes objects float in water. One day when he was lying in his bath tub, he suddenly More

Murder of Democracy in Egypt

West has repeated its formula of 1952 in Egypt of course with a difference

Fida Iqbal

After Egyptian revolution of 1952 (a coup by free officers under the leadership of Mohammad Naguib and Gamal Nasir ), abdication of power by Egyptian king Farouk-I, Egyptian monarchy was abolished by the revolutionary government. On 18 June 1953 Mohammad Naguib took over as first president of Egypt More

Going down and down

Of falling Indian Rupee and its implications

Mehboob Makhdoomi

The new Indian rupee sign, which was introduced by Government of India on July 15th, 2010, is turning out to be a bad omen for Indian currency. To be specific, since 2011, rupee has depreciated around 40%, 13% of which has fallen since May this year and 5% alone in the month of June. So, from the More

  • Kashmir

In JK, NHPC fails to light up catchment areas

Scheme For Free Power From Central Power Stations Yet To Take Off; PDD Completed Formalities In 2011


Srinagar, July 17: A major program to lighten up areas falling in peripheries of power stations owned by the Central Public Selling Utilities (CPSU) is yet to take off in Jammu and Kashmir owing to the More

  • Srinagar City

Forget flyover, Chana Pora-Ram Bagh road gets more potholes


Srinagar, July 17: Forget the government assurance of constructing flyover on this congested road, the Chana Pora-Ram Bagh motorway is getting more of potholes with each passing day as the Roads and Buildings More

  • Jammu

Bafa, Jagga to continue as PDP state secretaries

Jammu, July 17: Thakur Balbir Singh, General Secretary of PDP, on Wednesday said that veteran leader Hussain Ali Bafa and Jagjit Singh Jagga would continue to function as state secretaries of the People More

  • South Asia

Jamaat leader in Bangladesh sentenced to death


Dhaka, July 17: A top leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party was sentenced to death today by a special Bangladeshi tribunal for committing "crimes against humanity" and unleashing ruthless militias on unarmed More

  • PaK

Practice of receiving federal ministers at Kohala draws flak


Muzaffarabad, July 17: AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed has asked five members of his cabinet to receive Federal Minister for Kashmir affairs Birjees Tahir at Kohala bridge on his maiden visit More

  • Gk Features

Heart disease in Children and Adolescents

A major public health issue!

Heart to Heart


Children with heart disease, is a big burden on the society and their diagnosis and timely management is our responsibility. Most of them if picked early in life can be corrected to a great extent.These More

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