The spirit of Ramzan

The essence of worship lies in purity, not in the ritual



 The fasting month of Ramzan is essentially a soul-rinsing religious obligation. A training course that drastically changes the normal and regular schedule of life. All of a sudden the natural pattern turns topsy-turvy. The biological imperatives get curtailed. To a new regime of sanctions we are chained. Deprived of food and drinking even if it be the longest days of blistering summer. Forced to wake up after a few hours of sleep and to swallow down some unwilling morsels. Carnal desires too too stand curbed. In a completely new mould we are cast in. An undercurrent of submission runs through the body to make us accountable to the Supreme, Omnipotent and Omniscient. God Almighty.
 This comprehensively thought-behavior regulating and controlling process we are passed through round the clock is not end in itself. It is a prelude for the following eleven months. Its after-affects have to seep in our body and soul and reflect through our actions. Important point is that all that is permissible in the rest of months, through Allah’s command loses legitimacy and becomes forbidden in this holy month of Ramzan. We can’t sip a single drop of water even our mouth is dried up. Only on His command we have to break our fast (do Iftar) and stop taking meals (Sahree). The probationary course thus seals God’s authority on us. We are guided to submit ourselves to God’s command so manifestly expressed in the Holy Quran and explained and exemplified in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ud Khulo Fi Silme Kafa (enter into the fold of Islam in toto), is the ultimate aim of God’s commandment. And Roza (fasting) strengthens this communion between God and man in a more solid and effective way than any other religious obligation.
 Unfortunately, however, we are observing Roza more in form less in substance, same as we do with other Islamic injections. In observing fast we become conscious not to violate God’s diktat as far as taking food and drinking etc are concerned. To the minutest detail we become sensitive and careful. But when it comes to larger aspects of life where Islam demands full allegiance to its teachings and obligations we prove miserably dichotomous and hypocrites. To God’s will we let our own or West’s will to prevail. Those who endeavor to nourish Islamic values and bring orientation of society under the guidelines of Islam are described ‘radicals’, ‘extremists’ and ‘fundamentalists’. Even legitimate elected governments of Islamists are not tolerated by liberal secular “Muslims”.
 Anyways, come Ramzan, Muslims all over the world are seen attending Masjids in extremely large number. Muslims pray regularly five times. They freely give alms and help needy ones. It is another matter that after Eid celebration, next day the same fatigue sets in and Masjids wear a desolated look. All the gains and blessings that we have entitled ourselves to we vomit out that swiftly. The hard training course we underwent to, and which was meant to bring collective good to us and our society, we refuse to implement. We start deregulating ourselves. Unchained and fearless we try to unseat God in having his writ run on us. ‘Liberals’, ‘secularists’ we get regenerated. Still we pride we are Muslims.
 As already said fasting purges us of all our vices. (It also washes off extra fate and toxic substances from our body). But alas, the overzealous Ramzan crazy Muslims are becoming perennial disgusting source. In an era of internet with mobile accessibility nearly at every door, the old drum beating or ear-bursting blarings from microphones is incomprehensible and unwarranted.
 Then entire community nay populace is subjected to a physical, spiritual and mental torture. No sooner the Waqtai Sahar screams stop exhausting the energy than recitation of Holy Quran or mankabat Khani start beaming out. A man at prayer rug or engrossed in Holy Quran or even asleep, the loud worshipper has assigned to himself the self-imposed job of shattering his/her peaceful and spiritual environ. He derives pleasure in making others bemoan and bewail. The supposedly God-appeasing task turns, unmistakably, the wrath-inviting act. There is only riya kari behind the intent. God listens to our heartbeats and we don't need microphones to make him listen to our prayers. After all what wrong is there in making Azan compatible with audible human limits. It is my considered opinion that beyond human capacity that type of thundering is bidah.
  Islam is a comprehensive code of conduct, in complete harmony with human nature. Alas some of us, completely half-baked and driven to make himself count, inadvertently become a cause of disfiguring its beautiful face. God hears your murmur. He is just there. Nearer than a jugular vein (hablin vareed). 

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Lastupdate on : Thu, 18 Jul 2013 18:30:00 GMT
Lastupdate on : Fri, 19 Jul 2013 00:00:00 IST

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