The silence of darkness

and with it she felt utterly devastated



She was hyperventilating! Blood rushed through her veins like water gushing down a mountain top and gave her palpitations. She sweated profusely and was in the severest shock of her life. She sat down on her couch dropping the phone. She was quite unsure of what she had heard few minutes before and willingness to accept her loss was not there. Slipping out of the couch and
sitting on her haunches crying and sobbing spontaneously, Bisyna was in great pain. The walls seemed have donned dismal appearance and little motes of plaster falling from them was like her dreams being blown to bits. Ceiling seemed to be the limit of her life ending at some distance from the grounds.
Bisyna was a charming girl of 19. She was beautiful. Reddish brown hair, whitish complexions and some very fragile lips which when smiled put many men in a phantasmagorical world. She was sober but quite talkative. She had a peculiar way to maintain her personal and professional life. She was a very good student, hardworking, industrious and accomplished with every single task with utmost zeal and zest (either academic or personal.) She was but above all a faithful daughter.
Every single person is driven by the passions and desires. It’s former thing that actually is linked to one’s soul (Passion). Passion has a strange connection with our spirituality. If we have passion to do something in of our lives, we may fight tooth and nail to achieve it. Passion for something needs dedication. Everybody dreams of something which they preserve and protect and thrive for to turn them into reality. Bisyna dreamt of music and thought of realising her dreams in the near future. She was very witty and by dint of her wit she had made contacts to some music related people very early in her life. She had a voice which was totally out of the common round-in fact one would say ‘magical’. She got her first break when she was 18. There were some auditions going for a record company and she participated and got in as their new music sensation. She spent almost 5 years working in that business. In 2005 she met six guys and, all of them were in the same band. They were all of the same nationality and were amazing composers, lyricists, lead singers –a complete band that was. The band was very unique because all members had different characters and different talents. When the band played, the environment and interactions given during their gigs was so unique, that every single concert was different from the previous one like the old Jim Morrison. They were like Murano glass: you can only get it by burning the perfect mixture of sand.
She was very punctual and would never dare to miss any of her concerts. The lead singer was a perfect composer too. The world would actually croon on what he wrote and sang .There was a fair bit of ambiguity in his songs and people who had felt the warmth of love and affections would comprehend him completely. The drummer was such an energetic guy who loved to bang his drums and all notions would be set ablaze by him like adrenaline rush . The bass player was very talkative and attentive man. He was just like a bass: simple but at the same time very complex, because every time he played it on the stage one could perceive how complicated playing such an apparently simple instrument can be. The guitar players were just like ying and yang. One of them a tall guy, the only married member, was a quiet guy whose style of playing reflected how concentrated and professional he was. One could swear that he was creating new riffs during his silences. The other guitar player, a bit more talkative, besides being a good singer, he was the kind of guy who always spoke his mind out, the girl actually admired him a lot for his sincerity and straight-forwardness. He also used to share the same music tastes with the girl. Last but the most important one was the keyboards player was the cutest and friendly among the group.
Merrily they sang. Concerts after concerts! Their reputations grew to every nook and cranny of the world. While all this was happening, she was falling in love with the band. She felt pretty close to the keyboard player and would bring him gifts. He used to be a huge fan of everything related to Asia and the girl would gladly bring gifts to him and to every other member of the band. In the same way a sailor falls in love in the midst of the sea after caressing it for a long time, she was not exempt of falling in love with any of them, because as noted above, all were charming and unique. These guys were her priceless possessions and would consider them as the spark that would ignite the fire of her music career. Bisyna felt so complete with them because very few people knew her that well and for so long.
Like every person has to live with a fear of loss, Bisyna too lived with it. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of night fearing the death of the band members. When we love something so intensively, we tend to be more protective like the mother protecting her infant from the wrath of the summer and frozen ghostly winds of winters by holding her to her bosom: caressing and cuddling it amidst the audacious notions of loss.
Nothing in the world lasts forever. Everything is destined to returns to the supernal authority sooner or later. We live. We love. We die. When she received the phone call about the death of the all the members of band in an air crash turned her world upside down. Her dream was squashed like the crisp loaf of bread being squashed before eating. She started to fall into self-denial, no, it could not be possible that something that horrible could happen to such kind people. She felt she had lost the clef of the pentagram. She had lost a part of her heart and the darkness enveloping her eating her away like termites slowly eating the pulp of the wood.
After this terrible event, she just felt like only silence would make her feel better. Some say that angels are only heard in the midst of a deep silence. She would only sit in a very quiet place where she hoped for a sign or a sound that would make her listen to the music of those six angels who were now playing far across the seven skies. The girl now felt that without their music, her life was dark, and the only thing she could listen to on Earth was the silence of darkness.

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